I’ve helped a lot of people decorate their homes over the years and the one thing that I discover is that people do not know their decor style. I am a believer that we should live by our style; that means our lifestyle dictates the clothes we feel most comfortable wearing and there is a certain relationship between lifestyle, fashion and home decor. Here are a few ways to help your define your style:


Look at your wardrobe
Do you save clothing from years gone by or feel comfortable buying vintage clothing? If that is the case then you probably don’t mind buying pre-owned furnishings. This most likely means you have an eclectic style of decorating that bends toward a traditional look. Your best shopping haunts: Local flea markets, Goodwill and vintage shops.


Conservative colours?
Do you have very conservative colours in your wardrobe like navy, brown and grey? You should most likely decorate your home with neutral colours like taupe, sand, chocolate browns and cream. You are a decorator that tends to make serious, long term decorating purchases. Your best shopping haunts will include high-end traditional furniture stores, better department stores and custom reupholstery services.


Bright and flashy?
Are you always on the hunt for the splashiest party dress or purchasing the latest brightly coloured tie? You are an experimenter decorator who loves reading decor magazines. You shouldn’t mind replacing items every few months. You are best to shop at discount fashion retailers (like Homesense) and the clearance section of any furnishings store.

High quality
Is your closet filled with a highly edited collection of the very best quality work clothes and a limited supply of casual clothing? If so, you most likely enjoy a very controlled environment of sleek, classic furniture pieces and fine art. A tuxedo-style sofa covered in a wool suiting fabric paired with a sleek Italian leather chair would suit you best. You should be shopping with a designer at auctions, antique stores, and trade only showrooms to get the couture look in your home.