It seems this gorgeous weather has had an interesting effect on more than a few people.

It seems more and more people are staying home during the weekends, which also means they’re home when buyers come to view their property for sale.

It’s not a stretch to assume these ridiculous gas prices have something to do with it.

And since it doesn’t seem like those gas prices will be coming down anytime soon, I thought it would be a good idea to offer some tips to sellers who are tempted to be home during showings.

The first and most honest piece of advice I can offer is, don’t be home!

Buyers simply feel more at ease and less rushed when the owner of the home is not there.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown a perfectly suitable property to a buyer, but the fact they were rushed made them completely forget the home altogether.

When the owner is not home, the buyers are free to speak openly with each other about what they like and what they don’t like, and they’re able to take their time making notes on the same.

They’re also able to freely picture themselves living there.

Let me put it this way — you being home to show your property will never, ever be the deciding factor in making a buyer love your home but can certainly be one in making them decide against it.

Even if they like the home, they won’t want to seem too interested.

I understand and appreciate that many owners wish to be home so they can ensure no strangers cross any boundaries while visiting.

It’s a valid concern and one I cannot dismiss.

I can, however, suggest ensuring that all your valuables are perhaps placed in a bank, safe, or some other secure location.

Some sellers I’ve spoken to proudly suggest they’re happy to personally oversee each and every viewing.

Once I explain the dynamics of showing properties, and the psychology behind it, normally, they’ll quickly see the light.

I can tell you from personal experience on numerous occasions there’s nothing that turns a buyer off faster than an overzealous host.

Think about it.

Do you really need someone pointing out where the kitchen is and where the bathroom is?
What are they afraid of?

That the buyer may accidentally store their food behind the mirror and relieve themselves in the sink?

The other reason owners like being home is to personally illustrate just how special and unique their home is and point out the nickels and dimes spent on desirable upgrades.

The problem with this strategy is an obvious one. Buyers believe — rightfully so — that no one will highlight the good and bury the bad as much as the owner.

So by trying to sell the prospective buyer, you’re effectively pushing them right into another location.

Let your home sell itself. If it really is as desirable as you believe, it needs no explanation.

If it isn’t, you’re not going to convince anyone otherwise and it’s best the buyers see it for the modest yet still attractive dwelling that it really is.

Chances are if you’re selling a home, you’re buying one as well — or at least you’ve bought one in the past.

Think about the kind of home viewing experience you enjoy the most and do your best to create that for your buyers.

While the art of properly marketing and selling your home extends far beyond this one specific matter, the trap of not selling it best can often be traced back here.

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