Who hasn’t lost control when it comes to spending big bucks on dates?

We’ll be the first to admit we’ve gone a little overboard in the past. Just last year one of us spent more than $700 (in a state of panic) for the perfect outfit for a date. Another one of us managed to rack her Visa bill up into the hundreds, buying a cute dog leash and collar for her pooch, so her dog would look especially cute for their dog-walking date!

Whether you’re treating yourself to a new outfit or treating your date to dinner and drinks, the quest for love can add up.


But impressing your date doesn’t have to mean emptying out your bank amount. In fact, your date is much more likely to be impressed by the effort and creativity that has gone into planning your time together, rather than the money that you have dished out to make the date happen.

Here are some ways to keep your date hot and your spending in control:

>> Rather than meet your date for dinner, get together over breakfast or lunch. Dinner is often the most expensive meal of the day and even though lunch menus often offer similar menu items, restaurants often charge considerably less than dinner. Even better, meet for a coffee for your first date. Why invest a fortune when you’re not even sure what the return on investment will be?

>> If going to the theatre is your thing, purchase tickets for preview nights. Not only do you get to see the performance before everyone else but you can also save money. Also check out community theatres for smaller productions, which come at a fraction of the cost.

>> Now that we are in summer, most metropolitan cities start to offer cultural events, which are often inexpensive and sometimes even free. Why not grab a drink with a date and check out the Jazz Festival? Also, art galleries often offer wine and cheese events that are open to the general public at a low cost.

These activities won’t cost you a fortune and are a great opportunity for some flirty conversation and chance to really get to know each other.

And before you run out and spend hundreds on a new outfit for your next date, remember to check out your girlfriend’s closets (we came up with this rule after the $700 incident!). On a first date, you will be the only one who ever knows that that sexy shirt has been worn by someone else.

And let’s face it, if we bought a new top every time we went on a first date, we could be spending enough to send ourselves on an all-inclusive trip to Mexico each year.

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