Casey Anthony was just found not guilty of murder in connection with the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She faces about four years for guilty verdicts on hiding evidence from police in Florida charges, but could get sentenced to time served later this week. Here's what a few witty/observational people had to say since 2 p.m.

@emzanotti: The Anthony result is simply explained. The defense did it's job of showing there was reasonable doubt.

@BenRias: I guess the Menendez brothers just weren't attractive enough! #caseyanthony

@barryap: Even if Casey Anthony murdered her innocent child, Nancy Grace is still a worse person.

@bobby_bigwheel: Somewhere, Lucille Bluth is smiling #caseyanthony

@JennyJohnsonHi5: Nancy Grace must be violently ovulating right now...

@BrianStelter (NY Times): Whole media desk here, too: RT @meenasaurus: Whole newsroom gasps in unison at the not guilty verdicts for #caseyanthonly … OJ deja vu?

@marklgoldberg: kudos to @nytimes for burying the #caseyanthony story. Boo on @washpost for highlighting it as their top headline.

@sarahruth3: Orlando Sentinel's live feed of the Casey verdict=major fail. Way to
keep buffering every 4 seconds so the entire verdict is missed!

@meechone: I love reading @KimKardashian tweets about Casey Anthony being guilty then remembering her father helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted.

@HyunINC: After it's delivered, people will rejoice, vent and crack jokes on Twitter. Tomorrow, they will forget.

(Editor's note: In our opinion, this tweet from Entemann's takes the cake:

Sadly, it has since been deleted.)

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