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Your V-Fest checklist

What to be sure to remember, and what to remember to forget.

You don't want little things to interfere with your V-Fest experience, whether it be because you forgot extra socks or you get your samurai sword confiscated at the gate. Here's a list to help you pack your things and to save you the trauma of losing your belongings.

What to Remember

  • Photo ID
  • Cash (but not, like, thousands of dollars)
  • An emergency stash of toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Camera (just a compact digital, point and shoot or disposable one)
  • Batteries or film for said camera
  • Sunscreen
  • One sealed bottle of water
  • Extra socks
  • A Sharpie and autograph book just in case
  • Earplugs (Your parents are right – you WILL damage your hearing!)
  • Headache medicine
  • Deodorant please.
  • A compact poncho in case it rains
  • Some small snacks
  • Something to keep you warm at night
  • Bug spray
  • A hat
  • Um . . .your ticket.

What to Forget

  • Fancy SLR or DSLR cameras or any form of audio and/or video recording equipment
  • Umbrella
  • Big backpacks or large bags
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, unicycles, scooters, hoverboards, etc
  • Your pet or other random animal
  • Things that can hurt people, like knives, guns, batons, shards of glass, explosive devices (including fireworks)
  • Recreational drugs and/or alcohol
  • Any form of glass bottle or container
  • Laser pointers
  • Generators
  • Lawnchairs or other furniture
  • Loud horns or noise makers
  • Tents
  • Big, clunky coolers
  • Frisbees or other things that can be thrown and hit someone in the back of the head, causing pain
  • Priceless items that can be lost or damaged