A group of seven-year-old boys were robbed of $4,000 last weekend, money they’d raised for their hockey team.

The Clarington Thunder, a team made up of 13 seven-year-olds, had spent all of Saturday fundraising at the Apple Festival in Bowmanville for the team’s travel expenses, uniforms and ice time. After nearly eight hours of selling raffle tickets, carrying donation boxes and selling gift baskets, the boys managed to raise $4,000.

“We were trying to teach our kids such a valuable life lesson that if they worked hard and represented themselves appropriately that they would raise lots of money for their team,” said Gregory Parnell, father of a Thunder player.

The theft happened between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., police said. Julie Weeden, the team’s manager and mother of a Thunder team member, said the cash was stuffed into brown envelopes inside of a plastic bag. She left the bag inside the glove compartment of her truck for safekeeping, and it wasn’t until she went to pick up pizza for the players that she discovered the money was missing.

The group called police, who determined that Weeden’s car had been broken into. According to Durham Police, scratches on Weeden’s car door indicate that it had been pried open with a bar.