Trial begins for terror suspect

The first trial for one of the suspects charged in the alleged Toronto terror plot of 2006 formally began yesterday with a partial publication ban and a preview of evidence the Crown calls "shocking and sensational."

The accused, who was 18 at the time of his arrest but was charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and cannot be named, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to participating in terrorist activity. Eighteen suspects were originally charged, but three have had their charges stayed.


Yesterday, the Crown asked for a partial publication ban during the first trial that would prevent the media from linking evidence to any of the other suspects by name.

Crown attorney Marco Mendicino said the evidence to be entered in court is "palpably prejudicial" and could destroy any chances of the other suspects getting a fair trial when their cases go to court.

‘reprehensible’ evidence

  • Crown attorney Marco Mendicino said some of the evidence would likely be "reprehensible" to the average Canadian, including "the chilling indifference" that some suspects exhibited about the potential loss of innocent lives and the likelihood they might be killed.

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