The youths attended a terrorist training camp, but they were kept on the “down low” and told it was a religious retreat.

They participated in firearms training with a 9mm handgun, but it “freaked them out.”
They were told to “play along” in the making of a video, but thought it was to chronicle their trip.

And they listened to a speech exhorting the fall of Rome, but appeared more perplexed than pumped.


That was some of the testimony that surfaced yesterday when police mole Mubin Shaikh, the Crown’s star witness in the case of the so-called Toronto 18, was cross-examined for the first time in open court.
“They were sheep ... non-entities,” he told the Brampton court.

The four youths, along with 14 adults, were arrested throughout the GTA in the summer of 2006 for belonging to a terror cell.

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