He’s a horse of a different stripe.

With a zebra dad and a pony mom, he’s a “zony” and one of only two such crossbreeds in Canada, his proud owner Debbie Williams says.

The new addition to the Heartland Equestrian Centre riding and boarding stables near Whitby is even more unusual because of his all-over stripes — mocha bands on a dark chocolate background — that extend even into his Mohawk. Zonies usually just have markings on their legs or part of their body, Williams said.

He was an unplanned purchase at an auction in Claremont two months ago.

“The zony came in and I was thinking, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that — he is one cute pony.’” Her hand went up and “next thing I knew I owned a zony.”

The six-year-old was born in Texas and wound up at a horse farm in Quebec where he spent the last few years.

Apart from a fondness for ginger snaps, he eats and behaves like the eight other horses at the centre in the hamlet of Ashburn.