A nurse inspects a newborn baby. A nurse inspects a newborn baby.
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A Chinese doctor has admitted to taking seven newborn babies and selling them to human traffickers.


Obstetrician Zhang Shuxia, who worked inShaanxi's Fuping Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, told the court the charges against her were true, which include lying to the babies' parents about the newborns being sick, and convincing them to give them up so she could go on to sell the infants, according to the BBC.


She reportedly told one set of parents their new son had serious congenital heart disease and persuaded them to hand over the baby. Zhang was charged after those parents went to police on the suspicion that their child was trafficked. Police said she sold seven babies between November 2011 and July 2013. Six of the seven babies were found safe — but one baby girl had died.


China only recently relaxed its one-child policy, now permitting families to have two children if one of the parents is an only child.