Some visitors to the Calgary Zoo were thrilled to meet its newest members Tuesday morning, even though few knew exactly what to think of the pair.

"They are the world's largest rodent," explained zoo curator, Tim Sinclair-Smith, referring to South American capybaras, Adali and Pakhi.

The two animals were a tad hesitant to check out their new permanent home in front of such a large crowd, but eventually the litter-mates showed their funny faces.

"They look like pigs," said one young visitor.

The one-year-old capybaras hail from the Brooklyn Zoo, but in the wild, the world's largest rodent can be found grazing the grasslands of South America -- where they grow to a weight of 140 pounds, three times the size Adali and Pakhi are now.

The pair are getting acquainted with their new keeper who is already noticing the quirks of their individual personalities.


"Adali is much more inquisitive," said Carrie Coleman, adding "she investigates and was first one out the yard."

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