NFL Draft Rumors Kyler Murray to Patriots Raiders or Cardinals - Metro US

NFL Draft Rumors Kyler Murray to Patriots Raiders or Cardinals

NFL Rumors Draft Kyler Murray Patriots Raiders Cardinals

NFL writer Peter King fancies himself as an old school journalist who is above the reckless speculation that often crowds NFL news feeds. That’s why it was interesting in his Football Morning in America column this week that he signaled out two particular franchises that will be looking at landing the services of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray this spring in the NFL Draft.

King spoke at-length with Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and floated the Patriots, Raiders and Cardinals as the three teams most likely to be drafting the undersized signal-caller.

“I’ve got this pet theory,” King said to Riley. “It would be great for him to go to New England or a place where he could have a role in the offense for a couple of years while getting his body built back up. A place where there’s a good system in place and an excellent teaching offensive coordinator. What do you think the best situation for him would be?”

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Riley: “I got asked the same thing about Baker. I really believe Kyler is going to succeed no matter what. In a situation where he’s going to go in an play, I think he’d be a very similar sparkplug for a place like Baker was. If it’s a place that’s maybe been down a little bit. I think he’s so dynamic that he’s going to pick it up and do well. I think he’s also proven that if he has to play behind somebody or have a little time to learn that he will handle that well and use that to an advantage. Knowing what I know, I don’t have a reservation about either scenario with this kid.”

King added, “If I’m Arizona I’m strongly considering Murray – Josh Rosen and all. If you hire Kliff Kingsbury as coach and he loves Murray more than Rosen, flip Rosen to a team for a mid to low first rounder. I hear the Raiders are fascinated with Murray. If so, could Oakland flip Derek Carr to Jacksonville or Miami or Washington or the Giants and pick Murray? How bizarre would it be to see Murray playing his home games on the field of the Oakland A’s for one season? If I’m New England I’m looking long and hard at Murray for three reasons: Tom Brady will be 42 the next time he takes a snap. The Patriots have enough currency (six picks in the top 101 of this draft, plus next year’s first rounder) to move into the top 10 if he slips a bit and Murray could sit and learn while getting physically prepped to be a long-term quarterback. It’s all tempting with such a compelling player.”


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