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NFL GM: Giants would be better trading Odell Beckham Jr.

It would certainly shake up the NFL and, if one general manager has his way, both New York teams would have a seismic shift in their future. Odell Beckham Jr. on the trade block has some merits according to one general manager in what likely be the biggest trade in league history.


In fact, one general manager tells Metro that he thinks the Giants would be better trading Beckham and in fact trading him to their crosstown rivals might make the most sense. It might be enough fire to bring back Mike Francesa out of retirement.


Let’s lay out the facts and the scenario. The New York Giants are in clear-cut rebuilding mode. They need to get younger and deeper in a hurry while at the same time, they are tight against the salary cap. All this could lead the Giants to potentially trade Odell Beckham Jr., who is due a contract extension and will likely be the top-paid player in football when it is all said and done.


But it is a deal for OBJ that the Giants, especially with safety Landon Collins also ready for a new contract, might not be able to afford.


Factors that had Metro New York sports editor Joe Pantorno speculating whether or not trading Beckham would be an option for the Giants last month.


So one general manager who spoke to Metro earlier this week thinks that the Giants might need to get something for Beckham and not let him walk off as a free agent in the not too distant future.


“It’s going to be crazy but the Giants need to think about moving Odell, especially if they can’t come to a long-term deal over the next month. If he’s still on his rookie contract come the draft, I’m moving him, no doubt about it. Between the injury and some of this stuff that is popping up on the internet, it’s a tough nut for me to swallow to keep him,” the general manager said. He spoke to Metro on the condition of anonymity. “The Giants have so many holes, so many issues up and down on both sides, so little depth that they need not just the picks but the cap flexibility. [Odell] is going to be a big hit moving forward and if he holds out, that is a headache that Pat [Shurmur] doesn’t need in his first year. That’s a distraction times-ten in that market. He’s not what the Giants need right now. They need draft picks and they can get them with Odell. That’s the way to go.”


“This could be a Herschel Walker moment for the Giants. Picks over two, maybe three years. Yes — it hurts to lose him but they need the resources they can get even more. To me, it makes sense if they can get that. It isn’t even the quality of the first round [pick] as much as it is the quantity.”


His suggestion was that Beckham’s best spot might just be across town with the New York Jets.


“If I’m the Jets or the Raiders, I have interest. The Jets are going to spend this offseason and will need a star to excite that fanbase and sell tickets. That’s big for them. If they get one of these quarterbacks in free agency and they’re throwing to Beckham and some of the young kids they have, they can be good. The Jets would be exciting,” the general manager said. “And [head coach Todd] Bowles is the kind of guy who won’t tolerate any of that stuff from Beckham. To me, that’s the move they should make. I think the Raiders too could really benefit from him, especially ahead of a move to Las Vegas in that lame duck situation. [Raiders quarterback Derek] Carr and Beckham could be the most dynamic duo in the league. But I think New York [with the Jets] would be the best fit.”


The idea of Beckham on the Jets is beyond intriguing. They have the cap space to make the deal happen in the here and now while being able to give Beckham a massive long-term deal that keeps him in the media capital of the world.


In addition, Beckham would fill an obvious need in the Jets offense, a unit that could thrive with a playmaker like him. The Jets also hold a high first round pick and multiple second-round selections that could be enticing should the Giants want to make the move.


And don’t forget that Beckham might help the Jets move a PSL or two before the season starts. Don’t discount that.

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