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NFL, MLB Legend Bo Jackson gives his top five fantasy players for 2015

Bo Jackson doesn’t play fantasy sports but if he did he would probably be awesome at that too.

Arguably the greatest athlete of recent times, Jackson is now retired and enjoying a life of golf and hunting, but his competitive spirit isn’t quenched quite yet. Jackson, a former baseball and football star of the 80s and 90s, is now involved in fantasy sports although he doesn’t play them himself.

He partnered with FanDuel this past weekend, who hostedtheir2015 World Fantasy Baseball Championship in Las Vegas, the largest one-day fantasy baseball championship in the world, in which 90 fantasy players will compete in a one-day league vying for the first place prize of $1 million.

“It will be the largest fantasy baseball championship in the world with over 90 players, going after $1 million,” Jackson told Metro. “Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want to go after that? If I had known about this, I would have entered it myself.”

He also will be hosting the home run derby this weekend as part of the festivities with Fan Duel in Las Vegas.

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He had most of his success on the gridiron and as a running back at Auburn won a Heisman as well as making the Pro Bowl in 1990 with the Oakland Raiders.

Jackson doesn’t play fantasy sports with different charity work, speaking engagements and business occupying his time. But if he did play fantasy football, he knows the top five running backs on his draft board and he tells Yahoo! Sports that group of ball carriers but specifies that there is no particular order:

  • Melvin Gordon – San Diego
  • LeSean McCoy – Buffalo
  • AdrianPetersen– Minnesota
  • Jamaal Charles – Kansas City
  • Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh

But even though he doesn’t claim to have time for fantasy sports, he gets it and understands the nationalphenomenon, to a certain degree.

“I can say yes and no, yes and no. I can say no from a personal standpoint because I played it,” Jackson said. “I can say yes because it gives fans the experience of being right there, in mix and actually competing in the sport that they love.”

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