NFL rumors: The latest on Kirk Cousins, Ndamukong Suh, Drew Brees - Metro US

NFL rumors: The latest on Kirk Cousins, Ndamukong Suh, Drew Brees

Ndamukong Suh. (Photo: Getty Images)

The NFL’s awkward legal tampering period is in full swing, which allows free agents to talk to teams but forbids them from signing contracts until Wednesday at 4 p.m.

As such, rumors are everywhere. Here’s a few that are currently developing and quite interesting:

Kirk Cousins (Likely to Vikings)

According to reports, Cousins will sign a deal with a new team on Wednesday or Thursday. His new deal will be three years long, all or mostly gauranteed, and three teams appear to be front-runners.

Ian Rappoport is saying that the Vikings are the clubhouse favorites for Cousins, with the Bills likely interested in former Minnesota QBs Case Keenum and Sam Bradford.

Drew Brees (Likely to Saints)

The odds very strongly suggest Brees hammers out a deal to stay in New Orleans, but he hasn’t yet. He is free to talk to other teams now and many surmise the Broncos have an interest. The Saints have more motivation to work fast, because the longer they wait the more other teams can raise his price or intice him to leave town. One helpful carrot could be another free agent Jimmy Graham, who New Orleans is rumored to be interested in reuniting with — surely an appealing move for Brees.

Ndamukong Suh (Rumored to Eagles)

Suh was cut at large cost to Miami — they will surrender $9.1M in cap space (while saving $17M) to release the defensive tackle. He wants to play in Philly, at least that was the buzz Monday morning, but that seems extremely unlikely due to their strength at defensive line and cap issues. 

DeMarco Murray (Likely to Lions)

After being cut by the Titans, Murray has gotten interest from the Lions and will meet with the team. His meeting in Detroit will come Monday, just after Johnathan Stewart — the former Panthers running back meets with the Lions.

Adrian Peterson

Peterson is another running back cut this week, and after an inconstent but mostly lackluster year in New Orleans and Arizona, his suitors may be limited.

Patrick Robinson (Likely stays with Eagles)

With their front four set (and then some) the Eagles are reportedly focusing on steadying their defensive back situation. They have four young cornerbacks but no real veterans — with Ronald Darby, Rasul Douglas, Jalen Mills and Sidney Jones on the roster. If Robinson is retained, the Birds may trade one of their young corners for depth before the draft.

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