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Nick Cannon calls out Eminem

Nick Cannon calls out Eminem
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Can Nick Cannon take on Eminem?

Last week, Cannon issued an open rap challenge to anyone willing to shell out $100,000 as the prize. “Yo tell your favorite rapper I got a 100k to battle them June 25th at the BET EXPERIENCE! #WildStyle Who should I get? These rappers scared!” he tweeted.

Despite reaching out to the likes of Tyga and the members of Slaughterhouse, Cannon is still on the lookout for a worthy opponent, he told UK radio host Tim Westwood. When Westwood expressed doubts that Cannon could win against Eminem, Cannon responded, “At least tell him to show up to the match. I can’t win by default.”

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This call out could add fuel to a years-long fire that began back in 2009, when Mariah Carey — who was married to Cannon at the time — came out with a song called “Obsessed.” The media speculated that the song was about Eminem, who claimed the two were once in a relationship. Eminem responded with a brutal diss track called “The Warning,” which prompted Cannon to fire back with a diss track of his own.

If Eminem accepts Cannon’s challenge, someone should tell both of them that the early 2000s called — they want their impromptu rap battles back.

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