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Nick from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is the boyfriend we all deserve

We’ve already established that here at Metro, we love “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It is a very thoughtful show that explores feminism, patriarchy, and how a totalitarian regime is probably lurking just around the corner IRL. And it’s an important show for these pre-apocalyptic times.

But you know what I appreciate the most in this series? The Waterford’s driver Nick, as played by Max Minghella. He is very attractive and frankly, it is a pleasant distraction from all the bad, uncomfortable stuff going on. His and Offred’s subtle flirtation is not at all a central focus of the series, at least not yet; but it is delightful to witness and frankly I would very much like more of it immediately, thank you very much.

In yesterday’s episode, we only get a brief glimpse of him as he drives silently in the rain, low-key brooding while Offred explodes in the backseat. She bangs against the glass that separates them, screaming obscenities and venting her frustrations and — because he’s just like, a great listener — he just lets her have her moment without trying to interrupt it with his words or his mansplaining. Because he cares.

In the third episode, his face gets so close to Offred’s face that sexual tension bounced from my television, into my forehead and knocked me out cold. JK! But it probably could have if I wasn’t laying down and half asleep already!

Max Minghella himself isn’t bad either. Here’s what we know about him. 

He’s Hollywood royalty.
The 31-year-old, official name Max Giorgio Choa Minghella, is the son of Carolyn Choa, a Hong Kong born choregorapher, and prolific director Anthony Mighella. He directed a little movie called “The English Patient,” maybe you’ve heard of it? 

He’s been around for a bit.
Minghella has appeared in a bit of everything. He starred in “The Social Network,” as Divya Narendra, co-founder of Facebook rival ConnectU. He also played Danny’s little brother, Richie Castellano, in “The Mindy Project.”

And he’s multi-talented.
The British babe is set to make his directorial debut with “Teen Spirit,” an emotional underdog story set in the world of pop music, starring Elle Fanning. Ooh!

He was very nearly a Mr. Mara.
He dated Kate Mara for four years, so obviously there’s at least one other person in the world who shares my enthusiasm for this dude.

So yeah, if we could induct Max Minghella into the Internet Boyfriend Hall of Fame, that would be very good.