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Nick Frost and Simon Pegg: BFFs

Comedic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could have a common law marriage at this point. Pegg even admits this to his dear friend in our interview: “The spark’s gone really,” he says. “We just hang out. We don’t make love any more, do we?”

Throughout their 17 years of friendship, Pegg and Frost were roommates (though not anymore) and starred in “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz” and, most recently, their alien road trip caper, “Paul.” The pair is so bonded that we thought we’d put their knowledge of each other to the test with a little quiz. But be warned: They’re notorious nerds. The subject matter for their films is primarily zombies and aliens, after all.

Simon, if an alien like Paul actually came to Earth and Nick was the first person he met, Nick would …

: I think Nick would be a great ambassador for Earth, actually. I think he’s a big enough fan of “Close Encounters with the Third Kind” to take it easy, maybe start with sounds and hand gestures and then take them to the pub.
Frost: I’d actually pull him to one side and say, “Just go home. It’s not worth it. This place will mess you up.”

Nick, Simon thinks the best “Star Wars” movie is …

Frost: “Phantom Menace” — kidding! “Empire Strikes Back.”

Simon, if you guys are stuck for a good line, Nick will tend to put in a joke about …

Pegg: I could answer that but — well, it will be the most inappropriate thing he can think of, basically.
Frost: Yeah, don’t be specific, just generalize it.

Simon, Nick’s favorite thing to flush down the toilet is …

Pegg: Cakes, and/or a particularly prodigious stool I think he takes great pride in.
Frost: No! I never want to flush it. I always think, “That should be mounted.”
Pegg: Preserve it in amber.

Nick, Simon thinks the best way to kill a zombie is …

Frost: Remove the head or destroy the brain.
Pegg: The only thing about removing the head is, it will incapacitate them, but you have to remember if you remove the head, it will stay alive. It can still bite you.

Simon, if Nick knew the world was about to end …

Pegg: Nick kind of thinks the world is about to end all the time anyway, so everything Nick does is in light of the world coming to an end. I think he’d enjoy an unfiltered Camel and cook himself a nice shank of lamb.
Frost: It would be really upsetting if the world was ending and it had only been cooking for two hours, when I really wanted it to cook for three and a half.

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