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Nick Jonas talks about his music, new image and his fans

And to think that back in the early Noughties Nick Jonas and his band of brothers were wearing purity rings and pledging sexual abstinence… The cherubic days of Disney Channel fame and saccharine collaborations with Hannah Montana are long gone for Jonas: the 22-year-old singer is an unabashed sex symbol who’s bagged a girlfriend in the gorgeous Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe of 2012.

Since the pop-rock group Jonas Brothers – Kevin, 27, Joe, 25, and Nick, 22 – parted ways back in 2013, ‘JBro’ junior has been busy re-sculpting his image as a shirtless hunk on the run-up to the release of his self-titled debut album.

The “Jealous” singer explains why he re-interpreted the infamous Mark Wahlberg – a.k.a. “Marky Mark” – Nineties shoot (which launched the actor’s career), his battle with diabetes and his recently released album “Nick Jonas”.

MWN: You’ve redone Mark Wahlberg’s 1992 “Marky Mark” photo shoot. What motivated you to do that?

Nick Jonas: I think just for fun and to show another side of myself. I wanted to have a fun time with these photos – enjoy it, somehow.

MWN: But is it valid to call you the new “Marky Mark”? Everything in the photographs (poses and attitudes) are very reminiscent of what Walhberg did.

Nick Jonas: The photos themselves were inspired by him and have all his essence, although I don’t think I can be called the new “Marky Mark”. It’s a good comparison, but I like to be myself.

MWN: And how did your fans react?

Nick Jonas: It was fun to see the reaction of some of them, who were frankly very surprised. Others were quite receptive about it, which is good. But with these pictures I just wanted to show that I’m very comfortable with my situation and what I will accomplish in the future.

MWN: Speaking of your current position in the industry, tell us a little about the work you did for your debut solo album a decade ago.

Nick Jonas: I worked with other artists in terms of composition and have collaborated with many relevant musicians and producers in the industry to publicize my work. On my first album (with the collaboration of his friend Demi Lovato), I have influences that come from soul. Stevie Wonder is a great inspiration for my sound.

MWN: What would you say about your album to someone who’s never heard the Jonas Brothers? What will be their reaction?

Nick Jonas: My music is made so people my age can relate to what is happening to them and make a connection. Just for that, I think they’ll like it.

MWN: How did you achieve this level of maturity at such a young age? What did you do to make your transition from child to adult star a smooth one?

Nick Jonas: I’ve been very pleased with everything that has happened to me in the last 10 years, but I think the key to this is to surround yourself with good and proper people and also motivate yourself to succeed. I also focused a lot on my goals, but if I had to go back in time I would tell the 15-year-old Nick to enjoy the present more. Life moves pretty fast.

MWN: Diabetes has also been a disease present in your life. How do you manage to overcome the obstacles that come your way?

Nick Jonas: I have always considered myself a person who can overcome adversity – I don’t let things scare me. I just think about enjoying what I have and live to the fullest.

MWN: Speaking of living to the full, what do you do when you’re not on tour?

Nick Jonas: When I was able to do it, I liked to play golf and enjoy it with my loved ones. I love being with my family, with my girlfriend and my friends. That’s what I miss most.

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