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‘No es mi presidente’: Immigration, equal rights top protestors concerns

Protestors in Boston Common.
Erin TIernan/Boston Metro

Standing in the middle of an anti-Donald Trump protest Wednesday night Michelle Orellana of Quincy and DiannaOsorio of Revere each clutched one side of a cardboard sign not much larger than a notebook, but with an importantmessage: “Trump no es mi president.”

Translation? “Donald Trump is not my presidente.” And they weren’t alone.

Thousands of protestors carrying similar signs and chanting like-minded messages swarmed Boston Common Wednesday night, just one day afterDonald Trump won the election.

“Our husbands are immigrants to this country. They areundocumented and we are worried he could take our husbands away. People don’t know what it’s like to live with that kind of fear,” Osorio said.

Osorio said she’s barely been able to eat since learning the results of yesterday’s vote, but she was glad to see so many others were afraid of what a Trump presidency could mean.

“It’s reassuring to know we’re not alone,” she said.

An end to deportationwas just one issue on a laundry list of demands expressed by protest organizers Socialist Alternative Boston and Socialist Students Boston.

“The two-party system and thecapitalist economy don’t serve 99 percent of Americans,” organizer Elan Axelbank said.

“We want to fight against the racist product that has grown from the [current political] system and we see trump as a really dangerous entity,” he added.

Signs called for an end to sexism and rape culture, support for Black Lives Matter and and the LGBTQ community.

Some had a simpler message: “F–k Trump!”

But despite some displays of profanity, Wednesday’s protest remained peaceful and many protestors were hopeful.

“It makes me happy that we can come together as a whole even when all this negative stuff is going on,” Lauren Blasetti of Medford said. “It’s clear there would have been some sort of revolution whether it had been Clinton or Trump.”

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