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No idle threat: Schools taking green approach

University of Calgary students and staff are now are prohibited from idling their vehicles on campus grounds.

U of C will begin a campaign this fall to eliminate idling through strict fines.

Closer to home, the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability launched the Care for Our Air awareness program in early January.

The Edmonton program doesn’t enforce fines for non-compliance, instead focusing on educating people about the damages of unnecessary idling.

U of A Education student Joe Vickers agrees with Calgary’s active approach.

“There needs to be a pragmatic approach to the rule itself. It is culturally ingrained that Albertans start up their vehicles in the wintertime. If they are going to be promoting a green initiative and be a leader, then they should follow through.”

The O of S hopes to decrease winter idling by letting students know idling is not only harmful to the environment, but to their vehicles. The campaign is getting more exposure during Sustainability Awareness Week, with promotional posters and stickers.

Fellow Education student Kyla MacKay believes that both approaches have their value.

“If they are aware that it will be enforced, then I am certain that the majority of people on campus will follow the rule. That being said, their first step should be to make people aware of the issue.”

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