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No one knows if Kim Jong-Un is alive or dead, but he’s probably alive

Over the past couple of hours, Twitter has exploded with rumors that the new North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has died in Beijing today and that a coup is underway in North Korea.

So are these just rumors? And if yes, where are they coming from?

It appears the word began to spread on China’s twitter-like platform Weibo, where claims were made that a couple of assassins barged into the new dictator’s room in Beijing and shot him, before they themselves were shot and killed by bodyguards.

Twitter user Rocco_Castoro however, is noting a different cause of death, tweeting “This
just in: Kim Jong-un’s cause of death was being force-fed hotdogs and
having a basketball bounced off his head repeatedly for 20 hours.”

Another Twitter user, ChristianJMay, says the rumor is “based on news that a host of blacked out cars have descended upon embassy in Beijing, where he was visiting.”

It remains to be seen if there is any validity to these claims, and if
in fact Lil’ Kim has joined his infamous father. However, the story is best summed up by this tweet from comedian Matt Binder:

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