By James Oliphant, Ginger Gibson and Richard Cowan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government was partially shut down early on Saturday in a fierce dispute over President Donald Trump's demands that Congress assign $5 billion for a wall along the border with Mexico.

After failing to strike a budget deal on Friday, congressional leaders and the White House pledged to keep talking through the weekend in search of a deal to end the shutdown ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The impasse came after Trump threw a wrench into the works earlier in the week by refusing to agree to a short-term funding deal cut by Democratic and Republican senators because it did not include the $5 billion for his border wall.


The U.S. House of Representatives, where Republicans have a majority until Democrats take over on Jan. 3, then passed a bill that including the $5 billion, but it ran aground in the Senate and the shutdown began at midnight on Friday.

After it became clear the House bill lacked the votes to pass, Senate leaders huddled with Vice President Mike Pence and other White House officials to try to figure out a path forward.

They failed and lawmakers in both houses of Congress were sent home.

Trump tried to blame Democrats.

"We're going to have a shutdown. There's nothing we can do about that because we need the Democrats to give us their votes," he said in a video posted to his Twitter account two hours before the midnight deadline.

Democrats repeatedly reminded Trump, and voters, that he said last week he would be "proud" to shut the government down in order to get wall funding.

"President Trump has thrown a temper tantrum and now has us careening toward a 'Trump shutdown' over Christmas," Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor on Friday.

About three-quarters of federal government programs are funded through to Sept 30 next year, but the financing for all others - including the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Agriculture - expired at midnight.

Federal parks will close and more than 400,000 federal "essential" employees in those agencies will work without pay until the dispute is resolved. Another 380,000 will be "furloughed", meaning they are put on temporary leave.

Law enforcement efforts, border patrols, mail delivery and airport operations will keep running.



For the shutdown to end, both the House and the Senate will have to approve any deal negotiated between Trump's team and Republican and Democratic leaders.

The shutdown could persist at least until a new Congress convenes on Jan. 3, and Democrats take control of the House from Republicans. That does not necessarily mean, however, that Trump would agree to a compromise.

The shutdown comes at the end of a perilous week for the president, one that saw Defense Secretary James Mattis resign in protest after Trump's sudden decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

The Syria move was widely criticized, even by senior Republicans in Congress. And continued heavy losses in the stock market were in part fueled by the political turmoil.

While Trump made the promise of building a border wall a fixture of his 2016 election campaign, it is not a top-tier priority for most Americans.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll in late November, only 31 percent of those surveyed said improved border security should be one of the top three priorities for Congress.

That suggests Trump is taking a political risk by gambling on a shutdown to press his point at a time when Democrats are gearing up for their 2020 presidential primary and looking for issues with which to seize an advantage.


(Reporting by Ginger Gibson, James Oliphant, Richard Cowan, Humeyra Pamuk, Roberta Rampton and Katanga Johnson; Editing by Kieran Murray)

The story of Thanksgiving is often presented as a heartwarming, welcoming tale in which Pilgrims and Native Americans came together to share crops, bonding over the feast.

But that story leaves out the struggles and horrors Natives faced at the hands of those colonists, their descendants argue. That’s why every year, Native Americans and allies gather at Cole’s Hill, above Plymouth Rock where those Pilgrims first landed, for the National Day of Mourning.

An annual tradition since 1970, the National Day of Mourning is a time for Native American voices to truly be heard about both their ancestors’ true histories and their community’s current struggles, which are far too often silenced.

“Indigenous people give thanks all the time. We’re not against giving thanks, and we’re not against people having meals with their families,” said Mahtowin Munro, co-leader of the United American Indians of New England (UAINE), which organizes the day.


“The real underlying issue is this idea that the Pilgrims were so wonderful and amazing, that they came over and Native people were happy to see them, and they all sat down together and live happily ever after,” she continued. “And that then, Native people just faded away.”

While Native Americans are represented in our depictions of Thanksgiving, they’re barely visible the rest of the year. While the Day of Mourning does address that buried history, it also serves as a time to talk about current issues indigenous people face.

Last year, a focus of the day was in solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock. This year, the 48th Day of Mourning, UAINE wanted to give attention to those in Mexico, Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean who are still rebuilding their lives after devastating earthquakes and hurricanes.

“One of the things raised every year is that we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us. ...There were very severe earthquakes in Mexico, not only in Mexico City, but other areas with large indigenous populations, and we want to express solidarity for those people,” Mahtowin said.

“With Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, that is the part of the world where [Christopher] Columbus and colonialism hit first,” she added. “Because we’ve been colonized as a result of Europeans coming here, with our land taken from us, we certainly feel strong solidarity with them.” 

National Day of Mourning begins with an opening ceremony and blessing, followed by speeches and then a march down to Plymouth Rock and through the town, and the day ends with a potluck.

Last year, more than 1,000 people from across the country attended the National Day of Mourning, including Natives and non-Natives. To Mahtowin, it’s an important day — not just to raise Native American voices and keep their history alive, but to show that everyone can come together when times are tough.

“We say that ‘we cry from each other's eyes. Even if it's not exactly my people and my struggle,” she said. “I’m going to feel really grateful to be there with other Native people, and black people, Asian people, Arab people, white people, Latinx people, and to feel these struggles together and cry from each other's eyes. It’s an important thing to unite us and help to heal us as human beings.”

The 48th National Day of Mourning is Nov. 23, 2017 at noon on Cole’s Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Some groups are organizing buses to the event: From Boston, a bus will board at  284 Amory St. in Jamaica Plain; buy tickets here. From New York City, The International Action Center is sending a bus from 147 W. 24 St., 2nd floor, in ­Manhattan; get more information here.  A bus is also leaving from 1685 Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn, see here for details.

What time, Thanksgiving, football, games, start, end
There will be a football feast once again this Thanksgiving. Getty Images

The football schedule for Thanksgiving this year is a strong one as three NFL games and one college football game will be broadcast live on National TV.

If you’re a family that loves NFL football, your best bet is to eat during the window between the first and second game of the day. That means, shoot for 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Here are the times of each football game so you can schedule your Thanksgiving Day dinner around each one.



NFL - Thanksgiving Day

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions (12:30 p.m., FOX)

Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys (4:30 p.m., CBS)

New York Giants at Washington Redskins (8:30 p.m., NBC)


College football - Thanksgiving Day

Ole Miss at Mississippi State (7:30 p.m., ESPN)


College football - Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a huge day for college football as well. Here is the Black Friday schedule.

Western Michigan at Toledo (11 a.m., ESPNU)

Miami at Pittsburgh (12 p.m., ABC)

Baylor at TCU (12 p.m., FS1)

Navy at Houston (12 p.m., ESPN)

Ohio at Buffalo (1 p.m. ESPN3)

Missouri at Arkansas (2:30 p.m., CBS)

South Florida at UCF (3:30 p.m., ABC)

New Mexico at San Diego State (3:30 p.m., CBSSN)

Texas State at Troy (4 p.m., ESPN3)

Iowa at Nebraska (4 p.m., FS1)

Virginia Tech at Virginia (8 p.m., ESPN)

Texas Tech at Texas (8 p.m., FOX)

California at UCLA (10:30 p.m., FS1)

Stars, they’re just like us — they flit from one best friend to the other. Sometimes, the attraction is obvious — looking at you Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Other times, it’s less so. For example: did you know that Amy Sedaris and Justin Theroux are close friends? So close, in fact, that Sedaris served as the Best Man at Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding? Exactly.

In fact, in a conversation with Aniston for Harper’s Bazaar, Sedaris mentioned how close she feels to Aniston, because of her connection with Theroux. I think of you as my sister-in-law because you’re married to Justin [Theroux], an old good friend of mine,” she says. “You took him from New York, and it’s fun to see him so in love and happy.” Warms the heart, don’t it?

"Justin says we met for the first time at Marion’s in New York, where I used to wait tables, but I don’t remember waiting on him" Sedaris continues. "I know I met him through Phil [Seymour] Hoffman, and we clicked instantly. Justin’s so talented, and he has a good mind. We both think really fast." And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Poehler and Fey’s friendship warms the heart too. "Most of the women in your life will outlast the men in your life,” Poehler once said. “The Saturday Night Live ladies – Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Tina – and I text pictures of our kids back and forth all the time. It keeps us connected. As my nanny used to say, the older you get, the more important it is to know people that knew you when."


In honor of these friendships, and so many others, we’re celebrating exactly 22 celebrity friendships, from Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (Pussy Posse, anyone?) to Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler.

Garrett Hedlund and Jason Mitchell
[Image: Netflix]

Jason Mitchell is immensely proud of Mudbound. Not just because it is a sweeping, ambitious epic that provides a detailed snapshot of a period seldom seen on screen. But because it genuinely confronts issues that have blighted America from its conception. 

“It is an American story,” Mitchell declares to me over the phone. “American history is very taboo. If you weren’t there to feel it, it is different. A lot of people have their way of feeling about the slaves being freed, about Harriet Tubbman, Nat Turner, and the British, about all these different things that helped to create America. But they all have an undertone that people never really want to talk about. And that’s the race issue.”

“’Mudbound’ puts that right on the surface. It pulls no punches, but leaves you with a breath of fresh air. You don’t leave the film wanting to kill somebody. It ends with love. Creating this static between people makes this magnetic energy, and then you want to start this dialogue, this stuff that people sweep under the rug.”

But “Mudbound” wasn’t an easy shoot. Something that Jason Mitchell’s co-star Garrett Hedlund makes perfectly clear. “It was 28 days the shoot. It surprises people that it was shot in that time. Plus we lost some of those due to weather. We were dealing with tornadoes, lightning storms, and the rain. But the environment and the elements really played into it.”


For Hedlund, there was one big reason why “Mudbound” didn’t descend into chaos: director Dee Rees. “She managed to make those days up because of the pace that she works and the knowledge that she has. She is immediately able to get what she wants and move on.”

Hedlund had been wanting to work with Rees, who he insists not only had “a wonderful understanding of this story” but “is going to be one of the greatest auteurs of our time,” after watching her debut film “Pariah.” Then as soon as he read “Mudbound’s” script he responded to just how “beautiful, painfully honest and sad and poetic” it was.

The character of Jamie instantly resonated, too, as Hedlund grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota, where he repeatedly listened to war stories from his grandfathers and father. “It was those wonderful stories that intertwined with the character.”

Mitchell was hand-picked by Rees for the role of Ronsel Jackson, who returns from World War II to his family that work on the McAllan family’s farm. It didn’t take long for Mitchell to agree to join the film. In fact, he was relieved to be “doing something that matters, doing a movie that really makes people talk about things, and is a piece of history.”

“I am such a visual learner … History was one of the first class I ever fell asleep in. For me to be able to create this visual textbook on a time that is hardly ever talked about, but could be used in a classroom, it feels really good. It is something that speaks to my family, to black men, and it is something that is really cool and something that could be used to document this world 100 years from now.”

Both Mitchell and Hedlund agree that “Mudbound” doesn’t just have the potential to educate, but to inspire, too.

“So many times with films on this subject the consensus has been made and they demonize white people, victimize black people, and it makes it such a thing that we are not co-existing. But we are all in this together,” explained Mitchell, before Hedlund concluded, “[‘Mudbound’] is the portrait of a period. Of families that are brought to odds in this time of brutal social hierarchy, but are brought together by a land in the Mississippi Delta.”

“It is something that will hopefully allow people to build a bridge between race and not a wall.”

“Mudbound” is released on Netflix on November 17.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017
Photo: Getty Images

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 is almost here, which means you fall into one of only two camps: those that wouldn’t dream of going near the annual parade and those who are already planning how they’re going to get the best view in the house.

Either way, you might want to know the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route so you can plan accordingly. And, oh yeah, there might be one or two (or twenty) street closures you need to know about.

What time does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 start?

The float-filled festivities kick off at 9:00 a.m. EST sharp on Thursday, November 23. Make sure that if you’re attending the parade and want to get a good spot to watch — of course you do — you’ll need to be there pretty far in advance for prime viewing. Worry not, there are 2.5 miles on the parade route, so you have plenty of opportunity to carve yourself out a sweet spot on the curb.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 lineup

We know what you’re really wondering: which performers will be out during the parade?



Sabrina Carpenter

Nicky Jam

Lauren Alaina

Bebe Rexha

Angelica Hale

Tom Colicchio

Padma Lakshmi

Leslie Odom Jr.

Miss America Cara Mund

JoJo Siwa

Olivia Holt

Kat Graham

Smokey Robinson

Goo Goo Dolls

Wyclef Jean

Dustin Lynch



Andra Day

Sara Evans

Andy Grammer

98 Degrees

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons for 2017

They might not be famous pop singers, but they’re an equally adored part of the parade tradition, so which Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are you going to see drifting down along Central Park? You can expect:


Pillsbury Doughboy™

Angry Birds’ Red

Ice Age's Scrat & His Acorn

Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Sinclair's Dino®

Hello Kitty®

Ronald McDonald®

Trolls (from the animated movie)

SpongeBob SquarePants


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid®, Greg Heffley

The Elf On The Shelf®

Charlie Brown

Super Wings’ Jett

Paw Patrol's Chase

The Grinch

Frozen's Olaf

Novelty Balloons

Charlie, Kit & C.J. Holiday Elves

Harold The Policeman

Harold The Fireman

Macy’s Yellow Star

Blue & White Macy's Star


Harold The Baseball Player

Rex The Happy Dragon

Cloe The Clown

Christmas String of Lights

Red & Gold Macy's Star

Blue Ornament

Candy Cane

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 santa float

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats

But be sure that you’re not just looking to the skies as the parade goes by. We know the giant balloons are quite a sight hovering over the streets of Manhattan, but you’re going to want to catch these floats scheduled for this year’s parade, too:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon

1-2-3 Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop

It's All Rock & Roll, Gibson Brands®

Discover Adventure!, Build-A-Bear

The Colonel's Road Trip To NYC, Kentucky Fried Chicken

Universal Playground, Sprout®

Tom Turkey, Bravo's Top Chef

Rocking Lobster, Macy's

Big City Cheer!, Spirit Of America Productions

Winter Wonderland, Delta Air Lines

Big Apple, NY Daily News

Mount Rushmore's American Pride, South Dakota Department Of Tourism

On The Roll Again, Homewood Suites By Hilton®

McDonald's® Big Red Shoe Car®, McDonald's®

The Cranberry Cooperative, Ocean Spray®

Frozen Fall Fun, Discover®

Stirrin' Up Sweet Sensations, Domino® Sugar

Snoopy's Doghouse, Peanuts Worldwide

Santa's Sleigh, Macy's

Rocking Horse, Macy's

Rocking Giraffe, Macy's

Heartwarming Holiday Countdown, Hallmark Channel

Oh Christmas Tree, Balsam Hill

Building A Better World, Girl Scouts Of The USA

Fun House, Krazy Glue

The Aloha Spirit, King's Hawaiian®

Shimmer And Shine

Green Giant


Sour Patch Kids®


For a full list of other features of the parade, check out Macy’s guide to the event, which includes previews of the floats as well as lists of the marching bands, clowns, balloonicles and performance groups also participating.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 Harold Balloon

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 street closures

There might only be a couple hours in which the true Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 takes place, but that doesn’t mean the street closures reflect that. Get ready for street closures and delays starting in the early afternoon the day before the parade. And you may want to avoid the entire area in and around Central Park West and Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side beginning as early as 9:30 a.m. for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon inflation.


There are also areas you’re going to want to avoid on Wednesday as preparations are in the works for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 — especially if you’re in a hurry, so make note.

Starting at 1:00 p.m. EST, West 79th Street between Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue will be closed.

At 3 p.m. the following areas will be closed:

West 76th Street between Columbus and Central Park West Avenues
West 77th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
West 78th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
West 80th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
West 81st Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues

Note: Avoid these area unless you’re ready for some serious transportation delays. Trucks and other large vehicles will be moving in and out of this area in order to move parade floats and other supplies, so there might be additional closures and delays.



On Thursday, the following areas will be closed starting at 8 a.m.

Parade Formation

Columbus Avenue between 81st Street and 77th Street

Central Park West between West 77th and 86th streets

77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

71st Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

68th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

62nd Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

West 81st Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

West 76th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

Parade route

Central Park West between 81st Street and East Side of Columbus Circle/59th Street

Broadway between 59th Street and 58th Street

58th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue

59th Street between Columbus Circle and 6th Avenue

6th Avenue between 59th Street and 34th Street

Parade dispersal

33rd Street between 6th Avenue and 10th Avenue

34th Street between 7h Avenue and 8th Avenue

34th Street between 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue

35th Street between 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue

36th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue

37th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue

38th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue

39th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue

40th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue

7th Avenue between 33rd Street and 40th Street

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 route

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is thankfully quite reliable year to year, but check out the map below anyway for a refresher on the route and closed areas. You can also use it to plan out where you’re going to watch the floats drift by.



Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 MTA info

The MTA will operate on special schedules starting on Wednesday, November 22 through Sunday, November 26. On the day of the parade, “New York City subways will operate on a Sunday schedule on Thanksgiving Day,” according to the MTA.

In case you want to take the subway as close as possible to the parade, you should plan on riding to the 79th Street stop on the 1 train or the 81th Street stop on the C train. Thankfully, you can also expect extra S shuttle service throughout the day and extra 1 train service early in the morning.

That, of course, is in addition to the planned service changes the MTA already has scheduled on Thursday, November 23.

George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States who helped bring an end to the Cold War, has died at age 94. He had been struggling with vascular Parkinsonism, a rare from of the neural disease Parkinson's caused by strokes.

"Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died," former President George W. Bush said in a statement released late on the night of Nov. 30. "George H.W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for."

Bush's wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush, passed away in April of this year at age 92. Their sons shaped political policy on the state and national levels: Their son Jeb Bush was governor of Florida, while George W. Bush served as governor of Texas before being appointed to two terms as the 43rd president of the United States. 

george hw bush obituary death age


George H.W. Bush's legacy

George H.W. Bush was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts and began his career of public service at just 18 years old, when he joined the Navy six months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II. 

After returning from service, he attended Yale University. His political career spanned three decades, beginning as a congressman and serving as the U.S. liaison to China, director of the CIA, two-time vice president and finally president from 1989-1993.

While his son George W. Bush is best remembered for starting the Iraq War, George H.W. Bush also went up against Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator invaded Kuwait in August 1990, prompting Bush to create a coalition of nations to launch Operation Desert Storm. Iraqi forces were ousted from Kuwait in mere weeks, but the coalition was disbanded before they could topple Saddam from power.

Bush's legacy is also tarnished by his handling of the HIV/AIDS crisis, both while serving as Ronald Reagan's vice president and during his own tenure in office. The federal government failed to properly fund research into the epidemic that claimed hundreds of thousands of gay men's lives.

In retirement in Texas, George and Barbara Bush lived quiet lives as Houston Astros baseball fans and supported charitable causes. Though an avid sportman well into his 80s, he was slowed in recent years by neural Parkinsonism, a degenerative brain disorder with no cure.

golden nugget online casino review

Golden Nugget Online Casino

Golden Nugget Online Casino Earns 4.8 RatingIn MetroPlay’s search for New Jersey’s best online casino, our Golden Nugget review is up next. We’re looking for online casinos that offer the best mix of bonuses, easy sign-ups and deposits and interesting and exciting games. The winning casino review will rank well in all the facts and specs, but additionally will need to offer a clean, intuitive, enjoyable experience for players.

So, whether you’re looking for a betting outlet to pass the time while you’re riding the bus to work, or just prefer the couch to Atlantic City, MetroPlay’s online casino reviews will help you find the right fit.

Remember, no single casino will fit everyone’s needs, so explore for yourself. Just as you might bounce along the Atlantic City boardwalk looking for that hot table, join a few and see which one you like best.

Here is MetroPlay’s Golden Nugget review, an in-depth look at one of New Jersey's busiest, most popular online casinos.


Deposits matched up to $1,500: Play at Golden Nugget

How to sign up at Golden Nugget

Signing up is easy but takes some time. Don’t expect to download the app and be playing in minutes. You have to enter a lot of information — name, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number — before getting into the site.

Assuming you want to play for real money, you have a number of deposit options. During our Golden Nugget review, we tried the Play Plus account, which offers a $10 bonus on enrollment. There are no strings attached to that money. You can bet it on any game at any time. The benefits of the Pay Plus account are that there are no signup or monthly fees, and deposits and withdrawals are easy. You have many other options, though, to deposit money.

Banking: Deposits and withdrawals

• Play Plus Account — Your best option for depositing and withdrawing funds.
• VIP Preferred — Access your funds via an online checking system. Instant deposit; $20 minimum. Available for withdrawal in two to five business days.
• PayPal — Fund your account with PayPal. Instant deposit; $10 minimum; available for withdrawal.
• PayNearMe — This option allows users to fund their accounts by paying with cash at any 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and CVS. Funds aren’t available for 30 minutes; $10 minimum; not available for withdrawal.
• Visa or MasterCard — Deposit funds directly using your credit or debit card. Instant deposit; $20 minimum; fees may be charged by bank; not available for withdrawal.
• Neteller — Online Wallet. Instant deposit; $10 minimum; available for withdrawal.
• Online bank transfer — Deposit directly from your bank. Instant deposit; $10 minimum; not available for withdrawal.
• Cash at casino cage — Deposit money or pick up your winnings at the Golden Nugget casino cage in Atlantic City. Instant deposit; $10 minimum.
• Wire transfer — Transfer funds from your bank; 5-7 business days; $50 minimum; not available for withdrawal.
• Check by mail — If you choose a method to deposit funds not available for withdrawal, your only option is to receive a check with any winnings. Takes two to three weeks.

Note: There is a $10 minimum for withdrawal for most methods. If you’re looking to cash out that last 50 cents, you’re out of luck.

Bonus: As we found during our Golden Nugget review, the online casino offers new players a free play bonus with registration.  But there are restrictions on that bonus money. A player must wager at least 20X the bonus money before they can cash out any winnings. For example, if a player got a $20 bonus, they must place bets of at least $400 before the bonus money can be placed into the account. Each game contributes differently to the wagering requirements. Slots contribute 100 percent (with some exceptions) and all other games including table games contribute 20 percent. For example, a $10 bet on slots would count toward $10 on the bet requirement but $10 on blackjack would count toward $2 on the bet requirement.

The Golden Nugget also boasts a 100 percent match on your first deposit up to $1,500 and those funds become available based on how much you play.

See why Golden Nugget is No. 1: Sign up now

Golden Nugget review: Promotions and Loyalty Program

Players are automatically entered in the Golden Nugget Loyalty Program after creating an account with the site. You earn Golden Points for playing different games and making deposits. For example, for every $100 in wagers in slots, you earn five Golden Points, and every day you deposit at least $100 you earn 40 Golden Points.

These points can be redeemed for cash at a rate of 100 Golden Points per dollar, not a very good return rate.

The Golden Nugget is always running new promotions for players. In October, they offered double Golden Points on one playing one slot. Other promotions include a $10,000 giveaway on the Jumanji slot and the opportunity to earn up to $50 when you refer a friend to the site. The friend will be eligible for a 100 percent match on their deposit up to $50 and once the friend has wagered $50, you receive a $50 bonus within 48 hours.

Golden Nugget review: The experience

During the Golden Nugget review, I found an online site that greets the player with a dizzying array of graphics, bright lights and colors — much like an actual casino. It is sensory overload and a little overwhelming to have promotions scrolling across the top with 10 options of games below and a vertical strip of account and cashier options to the right.

The Golden Nugget offers a mix of virtually every casino game, from more than 500 different types of slots to variations on blackjack and their popular live dealer games. All games have clean, sleek graphics, and are easy to play. It only takes only a few minutes to learn how to bet on a game.

A really nice feature of the site is when you click on a given game, you have the option for “real play” — that’s for money — or “demo play.” Demo play uses fake money, but does help you get a sense of the game. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good way to learn the nuances of a game. (Demo play is not available with the live dealer games, only the automated ones.)

The Golden Nugget could improve its online casino navigation by making it easier to toggle between games instead of needing to close out of your game and go back to the main lobby to pick a new one.

The biggest technical downside to the site for me was I was consistently logged off, forcing me to log back in and put in a new strong authentication code sent to my phone for verification and security. The other negative was that the table minimums weren’t clearly posted on the games on the main screen. If you only want to play a game for 10 cents, you have to enter the game lobby to see the minimum required wager.

golden nugget online reviewGolden Nugget review: Types of games


Blackjack: The Nugget usually has four games running at a time. Table minimum $10-$50; maximum $1,000-$2,000.

Roulette: Table minimum $1; maximum $2,000.

Live Unlimited Blackjack: Table minimum $1; maximum $1,000.
Insider tip: The game wasn’t at the traditional table, rather an unlimited number of players could bet at the same time. It didn’t have the feel of being at a casino and there was a spinning circle in the middle of the screen indicating how much time to bet. It left me confused as to what my hand held. Your mileage may vary.

Casino Hold’Em: Play the popular card game against the dealer, not other players. Table minimum $1; maximum $250.

Baccarat: Table minimum $1; maximum $2,000.

Live dealer games are the closest thing you’re going to get to feeling like you’re actually playing in a casino. While you don’t get to see other players in the hand, you can see the dealer pull cards from the deck and flip over their hand live. However, I did experience delays between the audio and video. This dealer is not actually on the casino floor. They are in a room at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, which is streaming directly to the players.

Most of the live dealer games are available from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., but there is one live option available 24/7, Live Casino Floor Roulette. The stream shows the real roulette table and captures the feel of playing in a casino.


It’s a virtual racetrack. You can bet on computer-animated horses, greyhounds, motorcycles, or cars. Think of it like slots. It’s random and another bet to mix things up. I didn’t find the experience to be much fun though; it lacked the appeal and excitement of a real race, rooting for your favorite horse or driver to come around the bend and cross the checkered line.


Roulette: Table minimum 1 cent-$1; maximum $5,000.

    • American Roulette
    • French Roulette
    • European Roulette
    • Roulette Master
    • Double Spin Bonus
    • 3-Wheel Roulette

Insider tip: The 3-Wheel Roulette was particularly fun and not one you see in American casinos. Three roulette wheels spin at the same time, so you have three times the chance to hit your number. You do have to bet three times the amount though, so the payout isn’t always as much.

Baccarat: Table minimum $1; maximum $1,000.

Let It Ride: Table minimum $3; maximum $300.

Three Card Poker: Table minimum $1; maximum $800.

Blackjack: There are many different variations of blackjack offered and each game takes a few hands to get adjusted to the online play, where to click to hit or stand, and how to wager. But beware, each blackjack game has the hit and stand buttons in a different position so you can easily get confused and hit on an 18 when you mean to stand! After your first time doing this though, you won’t make that mistake again. The inconsistency in the game icons in style and position on the table are frustrating.

    • Blackjack Classic — Standard casino rules. It is automated so there’s no live dealer, but the game runs fast and without a hitch. You can split cards, double down — anything you would do in a casino. Table minimum $1; maximum $1,000.
    • Blackjack IGT — Standard casino rules. Table minimum $1; maximum $200.
    • Multi-hand Blackjack — Table minimum $25; maximum $1,000.
      Insider tip: You can bet on three hands at a time. Mute the sound, though, unless you like cheesy lounge music.
    • Multi-hand Blackjack Low — Table minimum $2.50; maximum $1,000.
    • Multi-hand Blackjack — Table minimum $1; maximum $1,000.
    • Blackjack Atlantic City Single-hand Micro — Table minimum $2.50; maximum $100.
    • Blackjack Atlantic City Single-hand — Table minimum $25; maximum $1,000.
    • Blackjack Atlantic City Single-hand VIP — Table minimum $250; maximum $1,000.


They’re not just for your grandma anymore. I was thrilled that during my Golden Nugget review that this online casino offers more than 500 different types of slots, including all the favorites from the casino: Black Diamond, Divine Fortune, Monopoly, Jumanji, Jeopardy. They also offer five slots with progressive jackpots ranging between $40,000 to $500,000.


The Nugget offers 11 different types of the popular casino staple.

Claim your bonus now: Play Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget review summary

The Golden Nugget is the leader in the online casino market for a reason. They offer more games than any other brand: 500 different slots, nearly 20 types of blackjack, live dealer games. If you want to try your luck at a plethora of games, the Golden Nugget is the online casino for you. If you are a beginner and new to online gaming, the experience may be a little overwhelming at first. But Golden Nugget’s world-class slot and blackjack options are the reward once you’re warmed up and feeling at home.

Levi Fox advertises his pop-up Trump museum in Atlantic City.


Like it or not, one man who’s left an indelible mark on Atlantic City is Donald Trump

From his time operating Trump’s World’s Fair, to Harrah’s at Trump Plaza (eventually becoming Trump Plaza before 1984’s end) to Trump Taj Mahal, to Trump Castle, to Trump Marina Hotel Casino (now, the Golden Nugget), he’s been a part of AC’s firmament nearly since gambling began there. “Atlantic City fueled a lot of growth for me,” Trump told The New York Times in 2016. “The money I took out of there was incredible.”

Along with bankrupting his casinos (yet earning big bucks), Trump reportedly screwed over countless contractors and subcontractors. He fought with Vera Coking over trying to use eminent domain to buy her South Columbia Place homestead for limousine parking. Good times, right?

Skeletons aside, Trump also left behind some good bones. “This building not only had great bones but its two towers — from hotel rooms to the way the arena’s front opens onto the casino floor — was extraordinarily designed; a truly contemporary feel, even now,” said President of Hard Rock AC Matt Harkness,  who helped open the Taj in 1990, and bought it 2017 for his new gig.


One man who’s captured the Trump zeitgeist is Levi Fox, with his Donald Trump Gambling Heritage Tour, and, as of Aug. 5, the Pop-Up Trump Museum in front of what used to be Trump Plaza. 

As part of an ongoing historical and sociological study of all-things-Donald, Fox’s “bipartisan, rather than nonpartisan” look at our president is seeking additional artifacts and stories about Trump and his casinos from anyone part of that go-go quarter-century (those who wish to donate can visit Along with the pop-up, Fox is seeking a permanent home or a regular space for his towering Trump totems.

“I was impressed by the number of people who were interested and receptive to the information, and to its ultimate goals,” said Fox, in relation to last week’s test run of the Trump Museum. 

Having run his Trump tours since 2016, Fox got his start giving tours of AC attractions such as Lucy the Elephant and candy factory tours at the James production facility. 

When Trump ran for president in 2016, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. “Had he only chosen Chris Christie as his running mate, that tour would’ve written itself,” he said. 

Fox first tried to define a space for conversation and observation about the then-president-elect’s Atlantic City era. “What we could learn from that time in AC would be important to the rest of the world now,” said Fox.

Fox knew some would find a Trump Museum to be a shrine and others would see it as a slam palace. It is neither; Fox says that like all museums, it is history and documentation that comes before all: This is the story of casino Atlantic City, warts and all. 

“That’s why I made up a two-sided sign, where one says ‘The Pop-Up Trump Museum’ while the other says the ‘Anti-Trump Museum.’ Objects found in the museum are evidence in which to tell different stories. Some items are not flattering, especially considering that locals had negative interaction with Trump or the Trump Organization.”

That Jersey Shore story — “small business owners who didn’t get paid fully for work completed” as well as “those who remember that Trump moment positively, especially the 1990s” — takes the Trump story beyond the glitz others throughout the U.S. associate with the businessman-turned-television-star-turned-president: “My museum is a way of rebalancing the narrative.”

Along with a tactile element to his museum (“in an era of fake news, the tangibility of permanent tags and stamps is crucial”), Fox has found so many of the objects in his exhibit — donated or purchased by Fox via eBay or auctions — were produced outside the country. Whether from Latin America, China or India, that gives his collection deeper context when considering the Trump’s trade and tariff battles.

 “That’s useful for people to understand,” said Fox. He recently found Trump hats made in Bangladesh, and unpacked a new exhibit: a Trump casino T-shirt made in El Salvador. "Where local history intersects with national policy is what makes the Pop-Up Museum a living, breathing, interactive exhibition. Anything that gets to the heart of current issues, but allows us to use the material culture and the local history to shed light on — those objects matter to me. It’s your history as much as Trump’s.”

Making Atlantic City great again

Here is just a sampling some of the items to be found at Levi Fox’s Pop Up Trump Museum

* a bathrobe from the Trump Taj Mahal

* a purple Trump Marina duffle bag (“Handy for me to tote other museum items in”) made in Sri Lanka

* a shirt from Trump’s birthday bash at the Taj

* a promotional camera from Trump Castle

*a Trump Taj canvas bag “proudly made in the U.S.A. by union labor… to be fair.”

* a painting from a local AC woman that captures the vista of the Trump Castle and the Marina and other Trump architecture. “It’s all in that one image. She actually tried to give t to Trump, but he wasn’t there, they never heard back, and she was disappointed. It is an honest local reflection on that era – an Atlantic City native’s personal narrative.”

By Roberta Rampton

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump gave a bullish Thanksgiving address to troops overseas on Thursday, hailing progress in Afghanistan and against ISIS, and telling them they were fighting for "something real," including a stock market at record highs and his promised “big, beautiful fat tax cuts.”

Speaking in a live video teleconference from Palm Beach, Florida, with military personnel serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, Trump told them they were "very, very special people."

He called troops in Afghanistan "brave, incredible fighters" who had "turned it around" in the past three to four months.


"We opened it up; we said go ahead, we're going to fight to win," he said. "We're not fighting any more to just walk around, we are fighting to win."

Trump said the Marines were inflicting "defeat after defeat" on Islamic State, and again credited his change of approach compared to that of the Obama administration.

"They weren't letting you win before; they were letting you break even. ... They weren't letting you win," he said.

Trump told the troops they could look forward at home to the benefits of "big, beautiful fat tax cuts," a stock market at record highs, jobs and economic growth.

"We're doing well at home, the economy is doing great,” Trump said. “You're fighting for something real, you’re fighting for something good."

Trump took one of his trademark swipes at the news media as he spoke from a lavishly decorated room at his Mar-a-Lago resort, telling the military personnel he was addressing that journalists were in the room, and adding:

"Better me than you; believe me fellas, better me than you."

While optimism about a major tax overhaul has helped push the U.S. stock market up for most of this year, Trump is still seeking his first major legislative win after almost a year in office.

According to a majority of economists in a recent Reuters poll, U.S. Republicans are not expected to push the tax cuts through Congress this year. Economists are also skeptical that the legislation would provide a significant boost to the economy.


(Reporting by David Brunnstrom; Editing by David Chance and Jonathan Oatis)

Thanksgiving is now upon us, which invariably means having to spend a lot of time with your family.

For most people that will be delightful. But for some it will prove to be excruciating, as you invariably end up getting into petty disputes with your loved ones that get blown out of all proportion. Especially when you add in the potent mixture of booze, food, and the simple fact that being family brings out the frank honesty in everyone.

That’s where watching a Thanksgiving movie can prove to be a godsend, as sticking on such a film helps to bring people together in harmony. Sure the aforementioned quarrels and disputes will still be festering underneath, but at least these movies will help to briefly paper over the cracks.

There’s just one problem, though: Thanksgiving movies aren’t really a thing. While the actual celebration of Thanksgiving rivals Christmas in the hearts of Americans, it doesn’t quite possess the essence, spirit, or idiosyncrasies of either the festive season or even Halloween to warrant the same cinematic attention.


In fact, every year there’s a new creepy, scary, and haunting Halloween movie added to the genre, and the same can be said of Christmas films, too. This year alone “Happy Death Day” and “The Man Who Invented Christmas” have been added to these genres, respectively.

But while there might not be quite as many Thanksgiving movies to work your way through, there’s still some that manage to get to the heart and complications of the holiday. Those of you looking for such films should take a gander through our 10 Thanksgiving movies gallery above, as they are perfect to watch over the next few days.

They’re will definitely come in handy after you have eaten way too much turkey, drunk way too much alcohol, and suddenly just need something to stare blindly at for the rest of the day.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place every year in the heart of New York City marches 2.5 miles from 77th Street and Central Park West and ends at Macy’s Herald Square located at 34th Street and Sixth Avenue. The parade celebrates the official start of the Christmas season.

The New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City is considered to be the largest parade in the world, drawing over  3 million attendees and over 50 million watching the broadcast on TV or online.  The parade has become a fun-filled family event and a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

Each year, Macy’s introduces new floats and larger-than-life balloons to the parade while keeping the classics such as Ronald McDonald, Spiderman and various Sesame Street characters.  

When was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

The Macy’s parade began in 1924 but as you can imagine, it wasn’t as big of a spectacle as it has become today. In the early 1920s, the official name of the parade was the “Macy’s Christmas Parade.”


The first parade was held to celebrate the grand opening of the Macy’s flagship location at Herald Square. The celebrate the opening of the “World’s Largest Store,” the company decided to have a parade on Thanksgiving morning to honor the special occasion.

The main attractions of the first Macy’s parade were animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo.  Elephants wearing large “Macy’s” banners walked the parade route during the parade. It wasn’t until 1928 that large helium balloons were used.

Despite the effects of the Great Depression, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade grew larger and larger. By the early 1930s, approximately one million people were attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As the years went on, the parade grew in size and popularity featuring more floats, balloons, marching bands and performances each year.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade History: 1934

An Eddie Cantor balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Broadway, New York, 29th November 1934. Credit: Getty Images

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was canceled in 1942 because of World War II. When the war ended in 1945, the parade returned with nine new balloons and over two million spectators at the parade. In 1947 the parade was featured in the classic holiday film Miracle on 34th Street, followed by its first television broadcast on NBC in 1948.

During the 1950s characters such as Popeye and Mighty Mouse made their Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade debut. And because many people could watch the parade from the comfort of their living rooms without having to brave the cold, more people than ever had the opportunity to watch the parade.

When President Kennedy was assassinated days before the parade in 1963, there was a big question about whether the parade should continue that year. The parade was already canceled in 1942 because of World War II.

According to Macy’s members of the Kennedy family called the company and suggested the parade should continue.  By 1964, book illustrator and sculptor Manfred Bass began creating floats that used hydraulic systems in them to allow movement and bring them to life.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade History: 1963

A friendly dragon floats over packed Times Square during the 37th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Credit: Getty Images

During the 1970s, big-name stars such as Dianna Ross and Evil Knievel highlighted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and it was the first time major Broadway acts began to perform at the parade.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Diana Ross performance

 In the 1980s, the Macy’s parade featured a 100-foot long Superman balloon, making it the largest balloon at the time.  By 1984 the Macy’s introduced a new system to keep balloons flying on course. Macy’s employed trained balloon handlers to make sure the larger balloons stayed on course. 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1980s Superman

While characters such as Hello Kitty, Ronald McDonald, and Sponge Bob Square Pants are popular amongst today's kids, parents and adults may remember a time when Mickey Mouse, Bullwinkle and Betty Boop floated through the sky.

Metro takes a look back at the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade through the years.


Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter. (Photo: Getty Images)
Michael Jordan has joined Derek Jeter's group in pursuit of ownership of the Miami Marlins. (Photo: Getty Images)

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has agreed to sell his MLB franchise to an investor group led by Derek Jeter for $1.2 billion, as first reported by Barry Jackson of the Miami Hearld.

New York businessman Bruce Sherman is also headlining the group, but Jeter is expected to run both the business and baseball aspects of the Marlins franchise. 

It's been a drawn out process for Jeter, who previously had a failed attempt at buying the Miami Marlins alongside Jeb Bush in April.

This time around, the surefire MLB Hall of Famer led another group of 15 investors that submitted the $1.2 billion deal to buy the franchise in early July, per the New York Post


Among those investors is NBA legend Michael Jordan, who already owns the Charlotte Hornets. He and Jeter share a close relationship after Jeter was a marquee member of Jordan's classic brand. Jeter sported plenty of custom cleats throughout the years and saw Jordan create the "RE2PECT" campaign during his final year in baseball. 

However, Jordan is not contributing an exorbitant amount to the group. 

Owning a team has been on Jeter's wishlist ever since he retired in 2014 and he was tantalizingly close to getting the Marlins with former Florida Governor Bush after winning an auction for the team in April. A month later, Bush backed out. 

Bush had since reentered the conversation as Marlins owner, bringing on Pitbull and others in order to submit another bid, as reported by Douglas Hanks of the Miami Herald. 

Five reported dead from afternoon blaze at Queens Village home on April 23, 2017.
Five reported dead from an afternoon blaze at a Queens Village home on Sunday. Credit: FDNY/Twitter

Police on Monday released the names of the five people killed when a fire roared through a two-story house in Queens on Sunday afternoon.

The dead included two teenagers and two young children.

The five killed were Destiny Dones, 20, Melody Edwards, 17, Jada Foxworth, 16, Rashawn Matthews, 10, and 2-year-old boy Chayce Lipford. 

The two-story house on 208th Street near 112th Avenue in Queens Village went up in flames around 2:10 p.m., officials said.


A passing motorist called the FDNY after witnessing flames rising up from the first floor, fire officials said. The driver also saw a man tumble out of a second-floor window onto the front lawn.

That man, 46, was in stable condition and apparently is the only known survivor of the fire.

Firefighters got to the scene in about four minutes, but aging, wooden-frame house was already engulfed in flame, said Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, who estimated the structure to be nearly a century old.

Firefighters accomplished the "superhuman task to reach that attic and bring people out," the commissioner said. Two firefighters suffered what appeared to be minor injuries, he said.

The FDNY continued to battle the flames two hours after the initial 911 call. The fire badly damaged an adjacent home but nobody was inside at the time.

"This is a devastation of a family," Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the scene of the fire.

"There's a lot we need to know about what happened here," he added.

The mayor called the fire the worst since seven children from an ultra-orthodox Jewish family died in a Brooklyn fire in March 2015. 

"Our job is to get down to the bottom of it to make sure no family ever suffers like this again" he said.

De Blasio noted that the tragic fire occurred while the FDNY was still reeling from the death of Firefighter William Tolley, who fell five stories to his death on Thursday while responding to a residential building fire in Queens.

aaron hernandez gay rumors, aaron hernandez suicide, aaron hernandez
Aaron Hernandez committed suicide on April 19 in his cell at a maximum security prison in Massachusetts. Photo: Reuters

Former New England Patriots football star Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in the jail cell where he was serving a life sentence for murder, just days after being acquitted of a second double-murder charge, state prison officials said on Wednesday.

Hernandez, 27, was a rising star in the National Football League when he was arrested in June 2013 and accused of murdering an acquaintance near his Massachusetts home. He was convicted of that killing and sentenced to life in prison in 2015 but on Friday was found not guilty of another 2012 double murder.

Staff at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, found Hernandez hanging in his prison cell at 3:05 a.m. and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m.

"Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window," the state corrections commission said in a statement. "Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items."


An attorney for Hernandez did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Massachusetts State Police are investigating the death along with the Worcester County District Attorney's Office and the Department of Correction, Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. said in a statement.

The medical examiner will conduct an autopsy of Hernandez's body in Boston, "to determine the cause and matter of death," Early said. 

Brian Murphy, Hernandez's sports agent, doesn't believe that the former Patriot committed suicide. Murphy wrote on Twitter that there was "Absolutely no chance he took his own life."

Hernandez's attorney, Jose Baez, said in a statement that the Hernandez family and his legal team are "shocked and surprised at the news of Aaron's death." Baez added that his law firm will participate in its own examination. 


More than a year after Hernandez was arrested and charged with murdering Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near his North Attleborough, Massachusetts, home, he was charged with gunning down two Cape Verdean nationals outside a Boston nightclub in 2012.

In his trial for that shooting this year, defense lawyer Jose Baez hammered the credibility of the prosecution's star witness, suggesting that he had killed the men and pinned it on Hernandez in exchange for immunity. Baez is best known for successfully defending Florida mother Casey Anthony in 2011 against charges of murdering her daughter.

Hernandez was cleared of all the charges he faced in the second case but one, a weapons possession count.

After that trial ended, the athlete was expected to appeal his sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole for Lloyd's killing.