Halloween might be behind us, but we can’t get these images out of our heads! Metro has exclusive (very NSFW) photos taken by Rodrigo Lizarraga for Brooklyn’s New Society for Wellness (NSFW). NSFW was invited to the Blind Man’s Ball in Yonkers, New York, and I was invited to play along.


The Blind Man’s Ball was a feast for the senses.

The Blind Man’s Ball takes place during the You Are So Lucky weekend, a two-day event held this year on the weekend before Halloween. Dressed as a (sexy?) pirate complete with tulle skirt, newly purchased black corset and a mini-flogger/feather combo slipped into my garter in lieu of the costume store’s dagger, my date and I were treated to an Uber ride to Alder Manson, a 72-room “pre-historic, ultra-bohemian” Gothic mansion on the first night.


The mansion was… incredible. Lights danced on a huge chandelier at the entrance of the mansion; even “fallen” chandeliers littering the entrance glittered. Every room was decorated for seductive and tactile enjoyment (a bathtub full of basically feather boas in the center of a dance floor? YES.) and all partygoers were adorned in fabulous costumes. If you weren’t keen on the music in one room, you could head to another or hit the big dance party downstairs. My date and I even darted over to a school where the overflow of dancers enjoyed a little more room for hip shaking and hair swinging (yeah, I had some epic hair swings. You weren’t there, but take my word for it).


There was a lot of dancing. My date and I might have missed some of the sexy-time fun because we were having a blast just hopping from dance party to dance party moving like maniacs to the music.


NSFW at Alder Mansion

Speaking of sexy-time fun, my date and I did check out NSFW’s exclusive curated experience. NSFW took over four of the 72 rooms for a Dom/sub immersion.


Many of the steamy photos in the gallery above were taken on Saturday, the night after the ball, so yours truly was not photographed in all my sweaty, dance party melting eye makeup glory. The photo captions in the above gallery, provided mainly by NSFW’s “chief conspirator” Daniel Saynt, explain NSFW’s exclusive curated experience in their four rooms.

Submissives were decked out with collars and leashes while they and their Doms were treated to some tutorials reviewing consent and safe impact play. With my sub tied to the St. Andrew's cross, I tried out a flogger from Extreme Restraints. After a bit, I told my sub the session was over, and I freed his left wrist. As I reached for his right arm, I hit his back again with the flogger. "Just kidding! One more!" I said before laughing and untying his right wrist.

Two goddesses watching from a mattress giggled.

Taking a break as the night wore on, my date and I sat outside on the lawn near one of the many fire pits. I even snapped a few photos of a dramatic Dracula while getting some air (and turned the stranger's smartphone camera to snap photos of my joyous face. You're welcome, sir). The ball wasn't some intense Eyes Wide Shut nonsense. There was an air of levity as 3,000 people reveled at the Blind Man's Ball. The turnout for the entire You Are So Lucky weekend was estimated at 7,500. 

Future events at the members-only NSFW

May your cornucopia runneth over with CBD oil on Nov. 16 as you sample a gourmet meal of tastes prepared by Chef Oscar Toro. Thanksgiving doesn’t take place on 4/20, but you can read about my birthday dankquet experience here.

On Nov. 18, NSFW will host one of its infamous and exclusive playdates available to its “highly curated members.” You can get a peek inside an NSFW playdate in the related articles above.

Check out NSFW’s website for more information about the club and its events.

This article has been updated. NSFW's playdate is now on Saturday, Nov. 18, not on Friday.