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Not happy with the Democratic and Republican parties? Try the Pizza Party

Nick Amoscato / Flikr

Election Day draws near and to many Americans both major candidates are less than appealing.But there might be one party everyone can agree on: a Pizza Party.

The capital-P Pizza Party is actually a political designation, recognized by the state of Massachusetts. Josh Freeman, of Raynham, is the big cheese behind the party which boasts nearly 200 voters.

To achieve political party status in Massachusetts, Pizza would need to attract 3 percent of the vote in a state election or have 1 percent of the state’s registered voters enrolled. For Freeman, that’s another 42,000 voters.

Still, its platform is simple: cheese pizza.

“We believe in cheese pizza as the principle,” Freeman told The Enterprise, adding that the party’s platform isn’t exclusionary: “(You) can add pepperoni, mushrooms and onions.”

Freeman, 42, founded the party in 2011, and it’s now listed on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website as one of 24 political designations recognized by the state. The list of political designations includes such entities as the Libertarian and Green Party as well as the Socialist and Pirate parties.

Freeman said he’s not actively recruiting members, and hasn’t propped up any candidates for state elections. But Freeman, whose day job is managing the website for his family’s jewelry business, doesn’t really believe in political parties, anyway.

“The United States did not start with political parties,”said Freeman, who plans to vote for upper-crust Republican candidateDonald Trump in November. “They should all be abolished.”

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