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Not much to love about ‘Love Person’

Playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil has plenty to say about how people communicate in “Love Person.” Unfortunately, the play feels more like a vehicle to make a point than an entertaining, thought-provoking piece of theater.

Kapil’s effort to explore communication across modes as divergent as Sanskrit, sign language, English, e-mail and telephone quickly becomes convoluted in a plot mired in barely plausible premises.

Vic (Scarlett Redmond), a twice-divorced, hard-partying cocktail waitress, won’t use her full name (Victoria) since her namesake (Queen Victoria) was the Virgin Queen and Vic was deflowered at 14. Ram (Nael Nacer), a shy Sanskrit scholar, hooks up with Vic at the nightclub where she works. The two enjoy a romantic week together before he returns to wherever it was he came from.

The implausibility continues as Vic’s deaf, lesbian sister becomes entangled in an electronic affair resulting from a mistaken identity cliche. This time, the well-worn premise transcends culture, orientation and mode of communication, but it still feels old and tired.

Though the relationship between Free (Sabrina Dennison) and Maggie (Jacqueline Emmart) is rife with dramatic potential, Kapil gives them little to work with. The talented duo enjoys several good moments, but the material is never a match for their talent.

There’s a lot of nonverbal communication in the play, yet director M. Bevin O’Gara never finds a way to make it interesting. The lack of precision and innovation create dead air and render the experience about as interesting as reading texts over the shoulder of random strangers on the subway.

Even Company One itself misses the mark with a long, painfully awkward pre-show video pitch.

The plot

A highly mismatched duo falls in love as a direct result of an unlikely hookup, a case of mistaken identity and an inability for people to communicate honestly — regardless of their language, verbal smarts or preferred technology.

If you go

‘Love Person’

Through June 23

BCA Plaza Theatre

539 Tremont St., Boston

$30-$38, 617-933-8600