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Nova Scotia gets cleanup help for … Juan?

The feds are kicking in $4 million in relief for hurricane damage — Hurricane Juan, that is.

Vic Toews, minister of public safety, issued a release yesterday announcing the relief payment “towards response and recovery costs incurred by the province of Nova Scotia.”

In total, the federal government has given the province $8 million related to the Category 2 hurricane which slammed into the coast on Sept. 29, 2003.

“We hope to receive another $18 million,” said Paul MacNeil, manager of Disaster Financial Assistance at the province’s Emergency Management Office.

Hurricane Juan cost the province about $35 million.

Seven years seems like a long time to wait for a relief payment, but MacNeil said this is how long it takes.

“We’re doing this probably faster than other provinces,” he said.

HRM is waiting for money too. Mayor Peter Kelly said the municipality received $11.5 million from the province for disaster relief for Juan and they want an additional $6 million.

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