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NPA mulling new direction

The political organization that has ruled Vancouver for the majority of the past seven decades is considering tinkering with its name — as well as potentially changing its fundamental nature.

At its annual general meeting Wednesday, Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association is voting on whether to review the NPA name and recommend some alternatives (while preferably keeping the NPA initials).

“It’s kind of an anachronism … but on the other hand, there is a lot of history,” said NPA president Michael Davis.

“Most of what you see (in Vancouver) was done under the NPA watch. I hesitate to change things too quickly because I think that is a fairly successful record for any party.”

It is the second motion, however, that could have the largest impact on the NPA, which has ruled municipal politics for 51 of the last 69 years.

It would direct the NPA executive to set policy for its candidates and potential voters.

The NPA, explained Davis, is a nominating committee — not technically a political party — and therefore leaves policy up to individual candidates.

The lack of party policy makes a cohesive, tight campaign difficult, he said, but added that he believes it results in better leadership.

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