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NSCAD student wins retail internship

It might sound like the outcome of a reality TV show, but the winner of a competition at NSCAD University will soon be working as a designer doing a paid internship at Wicker Emporium.

“It feels pretty cool,” says the winner, 20-year-old Danica Olders.

Students designed a line of pillows and curtains for the company during a four-week contest earlier this semester.

The third-year student from Ottawa says the competition allowed her and her fellow students the opportunity to try something different.

“We don’t have much opportunity here to explore home furnishings,” says Olders. “Some people dabble in it, so I think a lot of people were kind of intrigued by the fact it was an opportunity to get an internship, get some experience and develop a product for somebody.”

Besides the paid internship, Olders will also receive a $300 cash prize, which she’s contemplating using for a vacation.

The competition happened in Textiles for the Marketplace, a class geared towards third and fourth-year students.

“It was kind of perfect for what we were doing,” says instructor Lesley Armstrong with a chuckle.

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