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NY congressman calls Putin ‘thief’ for stealing Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring

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Tom Brady might have his jersey back, but a New York congressman said it was just the “first step” in getting back another piece of New England Patriots memorabilia: owner Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring, taken by Vladimir Putin during a meeting in 2005.

Kraft showed off the ring while meeting with the Russian president, who then walked off still wearing Kraft’s ring.

Kraft has spoken often about wanted to be reunited with his Super Bowl XXXIX ring, going so far as having a replacement made of the 124-karat ring.

“I was willing to have one made with his name on it. Maybe we’ll have the new president bring it to him when he connects with him,” Kraft told Fox News ahead of the Super Bowl LI win in February.

Congressman Peter King called Kraft a “victim” and Putin a “thief” during an interview with TMZ following the recovery of Brady’s two missing jerseys from a member of the Mexican press last week, saying the find was “more important than what the FBI director said about wiretapping and more important than Russia.”

King called FBI director James Comey a “good leader” for following through with the investigation into Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey despite despising the New England Patriots.

Though King declined to comment on the possibility that Kraft has asked for helping in getting back the ring that commemorates his third Super Bowl ring — a ring Kraft said he has an “emotional attachment” to — King did say recovering the ring is a possibility.

“I think that was a solid first step with the jersey and I think if they really put their efforts together get the FBI, the KGB, the Secret Service, the CIA — we’ll get that ring back for Bob Kraft.”

King was shy to say much more on the topic, saying the case of the ring stepped too close “to the whole Russian connection.”

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