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NYC breaks prior record for number of TV shows filmed in the Big Apple

TV Shows Filmed in NYC The Americans
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File this under whoa, and GO New York City! The count of TV shows filmed in NYC hit a record breaking 56 during the 2016-2017 season (which wrapped on May 31st). Last year, NYC was at 52 shows, and according to a press release from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office, “The number of television shows shot in the city has been setting records every year for the last seven seasons, thanks to the proliferation of networks and platforms commissioning scripted content, including streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.”

And it’s not only good news for our Friday night couch plopping, but our economy, too. “We are experiencing a new golden age of television. The industry is enjoying a period of substantial expansion – not only to different audiences, but new platforms. And our City is doing an excellent job of getting its share of this growth,” said de Blasio in the press release. “Production activity is spreading out to all five boroughs, and with it, more and more good-paying jobs for New Yorkers.” 

Some of the standout shows filmed in the city include the hit show from USA Network, “Mr. Robot,” FX’s “The Americans” and Showtime’s much-lauded “Billions.”  Consider June 6th marked the 19th anniversary of the premiere of HBO’s quintessential New York City series, “Sex and the City,” we’re glad we’ve got some new NYC sensations to distract us from how old that makes us feel and giving us something to tune into to get our Big Apple fix.

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