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NYC chef claims to lose 100 pounds on pizza diet

NYC chef claims to lose 100 pounds on pizza diet

Just when you thought pizza was bad for your diet, a New York City chef claims a diet revolving around the cheesy, carby gift from the gods helped him lose 100 lbs.

Italian chef Pasquale Cozzolino, 38, toldThe New York Postthat his pizza-based diet followed years of traumatic weight gain due to his use of food as a stress reliever.
“I had knee problems, back problems, three ulcers in the stomach,”Cozzolino told the Post, explaining the 370-pound toll a junk food diet had on his body. It wasn’t until his doctor told him that his 48-inch waist could result in a heart attack that Cozzolino changed his ways.
Cozzolino completely revolutionized his diet. The chef cut out sugary foods and sodas, minimized his portions and began a more balanced mediterranean style diet. On top of all of this, Cozzolino topped his secret weapon: a traditional Neapolitan pizza for lunch every day.
“Cozzolino explains that his Neapolitan-style pies are not your typical New York slices. The dough is made from just water, flour, yeast and salt — no butter or lard — and the toppings are light — fresh tomato sauce, a thin layer of mozzarella cheese and basil,” the Post reported. “Plus his dough ferments for 36 hours, a process that eats away much of the natural sugars and leaves healthier complex carbs, which are easier to digest and help keep you feeling full.”
In addition to his diet Cozzolino added plenty of physical exercise to help speed the plow of his weight loss. Now, the italian Chef couldn’t be happier with the results.
“I’m ecstatic,” said Cozzolino, who now weighs 276-pound but plans to lose another 22 pounds. “I have much more energy. My digestion is beautiful. I don’t have any more ulcers. My back and knees don’t hurt anymore.”

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