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NYC’s Best Bar: Kilo Bravo?

Kilo Bravo Welcome to Kilo Bravo —it looks like every other bar in Brooklyn, but a closer look reveals some fun twists.
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As Metro’s spirits editor, T. Michelle Murphy hits a lot of bars. In this new column, in various states of sobriety, she offers her take on New York City’s finest — and foulest — alcohol-proffering establishments.

Kilo Bravo

180 N. 10th Ave.


This is your average chill bar in Brooklyn, with character quirks where you least expect them.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Ambience: (Tuesday, 8 p.m.) The bar was mostly empty, which isn’t unexpected for a new establishment on a Tuesday. It’s laid-back and inviting, with non-intrusive music — the complete opposite of “scene,” in the best possible way.

Bartenders: Zak is the kind of attractive that you’re not afraid to talk to. He made a good effort to locate a phone charger for me. I’m 90% sure he accidentally overcharged my drinks — or I overpaid and he didn’t catch it.

Cocktails: From an incredibly whimsical drink menu, one of our favorites had to be the Fire Doctor slushy (with a color-changing straw) made with Dr. Pepper and Fireball Whiskey; it’s like, “Where have you been all my life?” We also drank the Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas cocktails from the road trip menu (see below).

Food: The Crack Snack Bowl is aptly named. It’s pretzels, Captain Crunch, Cheetos, Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its and Fritos. Be sure to order one — or, more likely, five. There are also delightful sandwiches for $9-$14, which the staff encourages you to customize.

Price: ($) The food is clever and the cocktails are strong, all at a reasonable price … because Brooklyn.

Specials:Happy hour is 4-7 p.m. Monday-Friday. More importantly, if you drink all 50 cocktails from Kilo Bravo’s Road Trip Menu (one for every state) within one year, then you and your friends get a private party with free drinks!

Drunkenness: (+++++)So much fun was had. So many conversations were forgotten. One mighty cab was hailed to take me home.

Best bar in NYC for … throwing down the drinking gauntlet.

Kilo Bravo This delicious monster is called The Twist. You will want to use this sandwich to sop up the copious booze you’ll consume.
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To suggest a contender for NYC’s best bar, tweet T. Michelle Murphy: @TMichelleMurphy.

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