NYC’s doctor-patient ratio is highest of any US city – Metro US

NYC’s doctor-patient ratio is highest of any US city

primary care physician doctor caregiver mother baby doctor's office Primary caregivers like pediatricians are in short supply, and nowhere more than in NYC according to a new analysis.
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Seeing a primary care physician is getting more difficult across the country, but new data shows just how bad the problem is — particularly in NYC.

The data, compiled by the physician recommendation service BetterDoctor.com, found that New Yorkers face the longest odds of getting an appointment: The city has the fewest primary care doctors of any in the U.S., just one for every 912 residents.

BetterDoctor focused on primary care physicians because, as the first line of defense for both sudden illnesses and ongoing support, they’re in the highest demand and shortest supply. Primary care doctors were defined as family and general practitioners, internists or pediatricians.

Here are the 10 cities with the worst doctor-patient ratios:

1: New York (912)
2: Los Angeles (531)
3: San Antonio, Texas (531)
4: Jacksonville, Florida (447)
5: Greensboro, North Carolina (418)
6: Raleigh, North Carolina (379)
7: Phoenix, Arizona (353)
8: Columbus, Ohio (310)
9: Albuquerque, New Mexico (309)
10: Norfolk, Virginia (297)

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