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NYC’s hottest single bartenders

No V-Day date yet? Pull up a stool and chat up one (or more!) of these sexy single bartenders.

Justin Biaggi


Bar: T45 Midtown (in the Hyatt Hotel in Times Square)
Age: 33
Originally from: The Bronx
Lives in: The Bronx
Interested in: Women
Hobbies: Writing, recording and performing songs,playing soccer, cooking
Drink I’d make to impress a date: A classic called the Queen’s Park Swizzle — essentially close to a mojito
Worst pickup line I’ve heard at the bar: Two women looked me up and down, and one said to the other, “Hey! Look at the tits on that guy!” I followed up with, “Ma’am, they’re called pecs.” She then said, “How rude of me, let me take you to dinner!”

Lauren Davis


Bar: The Raines Law Room
Age: 28
Originally from: Boston
Lives in: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Interested in: Men
Hobbies: Champagne, traveling, dogs
Drink I’d make to impress a date: A classic Old Fashioned
Worst pickup line I’ve ever heard at the bar: “Why aren’t you on the menu?”

Jeremy Strawn


Bar: Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room
Age: 33
Originally from: Lubbock, Texas
Lives in: Williamsburg
Interested in: Women
Hobbies: Tennis, golf, learning about astronomy
Drink I’d make to impress a date: People drink what they drink — I am more curious what she would order. If she orders a vodka soda, that is pretty blah. If she orders a gin neat, she might be for me. If they have good taste and like gin or rye then I would be happy to make them a cocktail — probably either a Final Ward or Last Word.
Worst pickup line I’ve heard at the bar: It was used by me drunkenly one night: “Hey, hey, you — stay there ’cause I am gonna hit on you later.”

Liz Ross


Bar: Lavo
Age: 23
Originally from: Laguna Beach, California
Lives in: Hell’s Kitchen
Interested in: Men
Hobbies: Yoga, photography, traveling and exploring new places, learninganother language, fashion, food, music,art, people
Drink I’d make to impress a date: Dirty Martini. I love a strong, classic drink!
Worst pickup line I’ve heard at the bar: “I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times tonight…” Men often try to start a conversation with me this way. If you are going to hit on me, be confident about it!

Duane Fernandez Jr.


Bar: American Whiskey
Age: 38
Originally from: Brooklyn
Lives in: Harlem
Interested in: Men
Hobbies: Shopping, dining, rollerskating, dancing, drinking American whiskey
Drink I’d make to impress a date:Classic Sazerac or a Tommy’s Margarita with St-Germain
Worst pickup line I’ve heard at the bar: My guests have made my bar their second home, so I will never reveal their foolishness. But, I’ve heard them all…

Kory Mello


Bar: Lido
Age: 27
Originally from:Massachusetts
Lives in: South Harlem
Interested in: Men
Hobbies: Independent film and documentaries, searching for NYC’s best appetizer sampler, traveling, Central Park, the beach whenever possible, tequila, balancing both work and play in large quantities
Drink I’d make to impress a date: Lido’s Il Tigre (bourbon, benedictine, lemon and ginger)
Worst pickup line I’ve heard at the bar: “You must make a lot of tips. You should buy me a drink.”

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