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NYC’s hottest, strangest and sweetest guacamole dishes

Prepare to rethink your usual guacamole routine with unusual ingredients and presentations.

Chef Ivy Stark’s seasonal guacamole atDos Caminosis the Butternut Squash Apple Chipotle Guacamole, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and served with cucumber chips enchillito, available only at the restaurant’s new location in Times Square. Or, taste our bug-eating future with the Chapulines Guacamole, a classic guac made with pasilla and oaxaca chiles and sautéed onions, then topped with crunchy Oaxacan grasshoppers.

Rosa Mexicano doesn’t toe the line when it comes to its menu, and the Guacamole Sundae is the best example. The colors and presentation are all there, but no one’s suggesting a dessert with garlic. Avocado ice cream is served in a frozen molcajete with raspberries, white chocolate shavings, crunchy coconut and mint. Served with piloncillo-chocolate sauce and doughy triangles dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

RECIPE:Grapes are the star of Don Chingon’s guacamole (with recipe!)

At Cantina Rooftop, the new Mexican party spot on the west side, executive chef Gonzalo Colin serves a trio of guacs, but it’s El Diablo that’s causing all the trouble. You know chiles de arbol from the wreaths of peppers common in Mexican restaurants; on the plate, it packs the punch of six jalapeno peppers (there’s also some charred habanero in there, so maybe moderate your portion size). These peppers won’t melt your face off, but you’ll be glad for their frozen margaritas.

Bodega Negra knows everything is better with bacon (kind of makes you wonder why you haven’t seen it in guacamole before.) Today only for National Guacamole Day, they are serving a trio of guacs ($17): their signature blend with jicama and radishes; a guac-salsa hybrid; and the bacon guac, which also has toasted pepitas and queso fresco.

In what might be the fanciest way avocado has ever been presented, executive chef Adin Langille at David Burke Fabrick created an Avocado Panna Cotta by incorporating gelatin. The other guac flavors and ingredients are all there — you just have to wrap your head around the playful plating.

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