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NYPD cop arrested for sending threatening messages

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Just hours after being released from custody without bail after beating and choking his girlfriend, a NYPD cop was arrested for sending the victim threatening messages through social media.

Twenty-nine year old Keith Roman was taken back into custody on Saturday night after violating the order of protection.

NYPD cop arraigned in Queens for assault

On September 20, Roman was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment during two altercations with his ex that took place on May 16 and June 20.Roman’s ex-girlfriend also told police that after the second incident she attempted to get away from Roman, injuring her foot in the process. Roman caught up to her, wrapping both of his hands around her throat, according to the NY Post.

Following the two violent altercations, the NYPD cop then send his girlfriend a scary voicemail, stating “Watch over your shoulder and I will catch you, better watch your back, you are going to turn around and I will be there, you do not know who you are messing with.”

Prosecutors shared that Roman also sent her an image of a noose hanging from a tree.

During Roman’s arraignment, Judge Suzanne Melendez released the officer on his own recognizance. Melendez also filed an order of protection on behalf of the victim.

NYPD cop busted for DUI

Prosecutors argued for Roman to be given a $1,000 bail but there request was denied.

The NYPD cop also has another open case from March. Roman was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. At the time of his arrest he refused to take a blood test after officers discovered a cognac bottle under the driver’s seat. He is scheduled to return to court on October 15 for both cases.

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