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NYPD detective suspended for lewd body camera footage

NYPD detective

A NYPD detective has been suspended without pay following the discovery of a lewd video he took with an officer’s unattended body camera at the Bedford-Stuyvesant’s 79th Precinct.


Detective Specialist Raymond Williams allegedly recorded his testicles in a 32-second clip with Officer Michael Devonish’s camera while the officer was in the bathroom.


The incident took place inside the precinct’s Special Operations Office on October 2, according to the paperwork obtained by the NY Post.


Officer Michael Devonish reportedly saw the clip the following day but did not report the NYPD detective’s actions to his superiors. 




The video was eventually seen by a female civilian employee on November 20. The unnamed employee notified her supervsor who reported the lewd video to the Internal Affairs Bureau.


“If he’s an NCO, that’s worse,” the source told NY Daily News. “He’s supposed to be a positive influence on the community.”


The 44-year-old detective, who previously worked for Fed-ex before joinging the force in 2008, is now on suspension following a hearing this past Friday.


NYPD detective named in past lawsuit

Back in 2012, Detective Specialist Raymond Williams was named in lawsuit filed against the NYPD by a woman who was reportedly arrested for recording an incident she claimed was an unjustified stop and frisk. The city settled the case.


Both Williams and the union have yet to comment on the investigation.


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