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NYPD makes the most pathetic drug bust ever and Twitter can’t even

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In a city where gangs still run city blocks and up to 10 percent of the population is using drugs at any given time, it makes sense for the New York Police Department to have a tough-on-crime mentality.

Drug busts grab headlines when kilos of crack and heroin are taken off the streets and gang members indicted in large numbers, so when NYPD made a low-level drug buts of cannabis,  handful of vape cartridges and smattering of small baggies filled with white powder and described the bust as the “team working together removing Latin King crew member and this poison out the community,” Twitter got a little confused.

“LOL Who you raid? a middle schooler? I’m sure his parents will ground him for a week!” @FIGGZVIP tweeted back.

But that was just the beginning — the first Twitter post received little traction compared to the announcement on the @NYPDnews account and Twitter, being Twitter, just couldn’t hold its tongue.

“Great job NYPD, the war on drugs is over now,” Twitter user @CharlieOneTime said.

“Dang y’all finally put caught El Chapo huh. Congrats,” wrote @theshrillest.

“Wow, real bang-up job guys. What’s that $100 and maybe three ounces of pot? I’m sure the Sinaloa cartel will be outta business any day now,” Twitter user @VomitingBrain1 wrote.

“Wow. Thanks for keeping such a “dangerous” person off the streets. What high school does he/she go to?” tweeted @oneretrocupcake.

“Lol there are more drugs in a Coachella porta potty on any given day, but ok,” @UberGuber tweeted.

“Huh. I always figured the cops in the biggest city in America had better things to do than ruin high school house parties,” @RoboticWizard wrote on Twitter.

“Thank GOD 4 our boys (yes boys!) in BLUE.
keep our GOOD CHRISTIAN neighborhood safe from the devil’s lettuce and alien propaganda!!!” tweeted @Relicmouth.

“That’s it?! Yikes. Let’s not talk about my sock drawer…” @ImFlyingJryan quipped on Twitter.

“Thank god we are finally free from the menace of Mr. $100 And A Bag of Weed,” tweeted @Iowtax.

“Thank god you got that blood money off the street before they made enough for a monthly metrocard,” wrote @davehill77.

There were a few choice gif reactions as well:

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