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Occupiers discuss uprooting

Conversations have begun surfacing among Occupy Boston campers about the hypothetical abandonment of Dewey Square before police can force protesters out.

According to a thread discussion started on Occupy Boston’s “Reddit” site, one camper said “this fight shouldn’t be about Dewey Square” but should focus on the needs of “the 99%.”

In the post, the author wrote that the encampment is “a huge resource sink” and a “menacing place, particularly late at night, and a source of recurring problems related to substance abuse.”

The post suggested uprooting Dewey-ville and doing random campouts in other spots to protest.

In a live-chat between campers yesterday that attracted more than two dozen people to the discussion on the topic, one commenter said “camp has marginalized itself through drugs, filth, and losing the ideals of the movement.”

In court

Campers have a court date Dec. 1 to discuss the Tent City occupation and how long it will last.

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