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Occupiers readying for winter weather

Despite a plea for hay bale donations to prevent flooding, occupiers didn’t fret over the heavy downpours yesterday — and they aren’t afraid of winter, either.

A spokesman in Tent City said a “Winterization Group” has formed and will meet to talk tactics focused on holding down the tiny makeshift town through the New England snow season.

“It will affect the occupation, but it won’t end it,” said Philip Anderson as he stood under a tarp yesterday in his rain gear. “If 140 people getting arrested and dragged across the pavement didn’t shake us, a little snow won’t.”

The camp was quiet Wednesday and Anderson said most people were sticking to staying in their tents and out of the rain.

Others rushed to the Tactics lodge to grab tarps and bungee cords to make their forts waterproof.

All the while, talks of winterizing the occupation were in full effect.

One option is using donations to pay for indoor bases while maintaining a “core group” at Dewey Square when snow comes.

Anderson said nothing has been confirmed, but the Occupy clan is looking for people to offer them extra shelter or raise money to acquire it. Otherwise, they’ll turn to more military-style tents like the one used for the encampment’s library to ward off the winter weather.

“There is no way we are leaving,” said Mike, 22, as he fastened a tarp over his tent in the pouring rain. “This just shows people how dedicated we really are.”

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