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Occupy Boston: Arrested protesters taken to court

At least 18 of the roughly 100 people arrested by Boston Police during the breakup of the Occupy Boston expansion camp early this morning have been transported to a Boston court this morning.

It is expected they will be arraigned today on a variety of charges related to their refusal to leave the Greenway very early this morning. About a dozen of those arrested were waiting for their cases to be called, working on laptops in the lobby.

Khury Petersen-smith, 29, of Dorchester, was arrested during the taking
down of the Occupy Boston extension camp early this morning.
He was awaiting arraignment this morning and said he was “shocked” by what he saw.

“Occupy Boston posed no threat to anybody. It hasn’t hurt anybody in
over a week. I was shocked by police violence. That the city had to step
in is … shameful,” he said.

Kevin Barron, a Boston attorney, showed up at Boston Municipal Court to
volunteer his services for the protesters who were being arraigned.

“It’s the right cause,” he said.

At least 35 additional protesters are expected to be arraigned over the course of the next two days as charges against them get sorted out.

Boston Police said this morning that they are still counting the exact number of those arrested when officers moved in last night to remove one part of the Occupy Boston encampment. However that number is expected to be around 100.

The original Tent City at Dewey Square still stands this morning. On Twitter and in person, Boston Police repeatedly asked the protesters to leave the expanded camp and return to Dewey Square where they have been allowed to maintain their protest.

Many of those protesters refused last night and police moved in about 1:30 a.m.

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