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Occupy Boston protesters have their hands out

In less than a month, members of the Occupy Boston group have collected a yearly salary’s worth in monetary donations, a handful of tents and camping supplies, a library full of books and a larger-than-life-sized Gandhi statue.

Not to mention, home-cooked meals flow through the Dewey Square Tent City more regularly than the average person gets to enjoy.

“We have had so much support from people,” said Barry Knight, one of the protesters who spends his time helping to manage the signage tent.

But despite raising $45,000 in monetary donations from an estimated 500 donors, Occupy Boston’s resources still pale in comparison to those being utilized by its sister movement, Occupy Wall Street.

The New York City protests have raised nearly $500,000, not to mention the big-ticket items that have been donated, such as a flat-screen TV and regular gourmet meals.

“Right now, what’s happening, people are trying to get organized and get systems in place. Once they do that, it’ll be easier to discuss [transferring funds],” said Pete Dutro, 36, a member of Wall Street’s movement.

Boston’s occupiers said they think OWS would share the wealth if it were ever needed.

“That’s what this is all about, anyways,” said Knight. “It’s about sharing. It’s the core of the movement. I think they would step up.”

Protester Nawontah Waters doesn’t think they will need it, however.

He said the Hub’s tent city is currently self-sustainable with food, blankets and tent donations pouring in regularly.

“It’s up to them,” said Waters. “If they want to share those resources, I’d be fine with it, but it’s not something we are going to try and grab.”

By the numbers


General fund: For food, clothing, shelter, supplies, computer support, Internet access and more.


Wind turbine fund: For on-site wind-generated power.


Legal fund: For bail, lawyer’s fees, court costs, and other legal expenses.


Greenway fund: To restore the land they trampled.


Occupy Boston Globe fund: To make an internal print newspaper.

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