Occupy Wall Street cleaning cancelled, but protesters arrested - Metro US

Occupy Wall Street cleaning cancelled, but protesters arrested

Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested this morning after clashing with cops, hours after they thought they were being ejected from their space at Zuccotti Park.

Although the plan to clean up the post was postponed – one that protesters thought was a way to kick them out – they were still up early, at 6 a.m., when they had planned to link arms and peacefully protest the cleaning.

After the cleaning was cancelled, they marched to City Hall in a jubilant mood — until some were arrested.

The Daily News reports that four people were arrested on Beaver Street, and two were arrested on Maiden Street. The newspaper’s Pete Donohue reported that cops were pushing protesters out of the way and using their batons to push some down to the ground.

The New York Post reported that protesters jumped over barricades.

Another person up early was Russell Simmons, who promised Bloomberg yesterday that he would pay for a clean up if protesters could stay, and who swung by this morning.

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