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Occupy Wall Street debates how to spend its $300K

Nearly two months after the NYPD raided Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street protesters are now deciding how to spend $300,000 left in their coffers.

At a recent meeting, protesters debated what to do with the money, down from $706,855 at the movement’s peak, according to the New York Post. Much of that $700K came via online donations from OWS supporters and has already been spent on food and supplies.

The remaining OWS members meet daily at the atrium at 60 Wall Street. During one such meeting, the Post reported, one of the ideas pitched included burning the cash in a bonfire on Wall Street, a suggestion that has since been dropped.

About two dozen protesters met at the atrium yesterday. There, Yuri P., a wireworker who came all the way from Siberia to join OWS, said he wants to organize a fundraiser, perhaps a crafts fair, to ensure occupiers are self-sustaining.

“The general fund should be used for things like housing and major obstacles, like getting us out of jail,” he said.

Protester Par’jila Kote, 19, thinks the money should be spent on a van circling the boroughs to tell people about Occupy, or a new place to set up tents.

“We need to find a new spot to permanently occupy,” he said.

But Kote also said the movement is “falling apart,” with occupiers scattered. “Nothing ever gets done,” he complained.

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