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Odds rise that Trump Jr. will be charged with a federal crime

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The odds of Donald Trump Jr. facing federal charges shot up this week, after a former presidential adviser called his meeting with a Russian lawyer “treasonous.”

PredictIt, a market probabilities site, is selling shares on probability that Trump Jr. will be charged at 36 cents, an increase of six cents in a week. (The price rises as more shares are purchased.)

Trump Jr. admitted to taking a meeting in Trump Tower last June with Russians who claimed to have dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately,” says former presidential adviser Steve Bannon in the new book “Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House.”

Shares were trading as high as 40 cents on Wednesday, after excerpts were released.

In the book, Bannon also says that special counsel Robert Mueller is focused on money laundering and will work his way to the president via Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner. “You realize where this is going,” the book quotes Bannon as saying. “This is all about money laundering. Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first, and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to fucking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner. It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”

Bannon added that Mueller would “crack” Trump Jr. “like an egg on national TV” and said there was “zero chance” Trump Jr. didn’t bring the Russians to meet with his father.

President Trump has said he didn’t know about the meeting. He has also denied that his campaign colluded with Russia to swing the 2016 election. About Bannon’s account, on Wednesday the president said Bannon had “lost his job, and then his mind.”

Trump Jr. also weighed in on Bannon, tweeting on Wednesday, “Steve had the honor of working in the White House & serving the country. Unfortunately, he squandered that privilege & turned that opportunity into a nightmare of backstabbing, harassing, leaking, lying & undermining the President. Steve is not a strategist, he is an opportunist.”

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