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Odom begins physical therapy as ex-teammate is critical of Kardashians

Lamar Odom
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Lamar Odom has shown enough steady improvement in recent days at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center that he has started physical therapy, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation, the Los Angeles Daily News reported, adding that he is showing improvement with his breathing, vision and the ability to have simple conversations.

Odom is slated to begin physical therapy that will show whether the 35-year-old former basketball player can walk, the Daily News claimed, but it remains unclear how well he can navigate that challenge.

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Lakers forward and former Odom teammate Metta World Peace felt optimistic about Odom’s recovery, but he told Los Angeles News Group that he has become upset regarding something else about Odom ­– that the celebrity visitations have come at the expense of Odom’s children spending time with him, the Daily News claimed.

“This is nothing against Khloe [Kardhasian]” World Peace said in the report. “This is for the celebrities that are coming to see Lamar. They should know they’re taking time away from Lamar’s children.”

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“The only Kardashian that needs to be there is Khloe,” World Peace was quoted. “Not every Kardashian needs to be around. They need to keep it simple, so Lamar’s children can see him whenever they want to see him. They’re waiting in line to see their own father.”

Odom could also have serious brain damage, the article claimed, considering he reportedly took cocaine and 10 doses of a sexual performance enhancer over three days.

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