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Of course, Domhnall Gleeson wants to see a ‘Peter Rabbit’ and ‘Paddington’ crossover

Domhnall Gleeson wants a Peter Rabbit and Paddington crossover

Before you read ahead and get your hopes up that two of the most adorable movie characters in recent memory might actually crossover into the same film, it should be made abundantly clear that the chances of “Paddington” and “Peter Rabbit” actually doing so are less than remote.

In fact, it’s definitely not going to happen. To begin with “Peter Rabbit” was released through Sony and “Paddington 2” was released through Warner Bros, while there are dozens of other reasons why not too.

But, considering the response to both films, as “Peter Rabbit” has been championed by plenty of critics, while “Paddington 2” now holds the highest Rotten Tomatoes score in the site’s history, fans of the characters can still dream that both studios will call a truce and bring them together for the most English film ever created.

One person who is just as eager to see “Paddington” and “Peter Rabbit” crossover is Domhnall Gleeson, who plays Thomas McGregor in the “Beatrix Potter” adaptation. Domhnall is also connected to the “Paddington” franchise, too, as his father Brendan starred in “Paddington 2.”

Earlier this week I spoke to Domhnall Gleeson about “Peter Rabbit,” and halfway through our discussion I quipped about the adorable bunny teaming up with “Paddington.”

Unsurprisingly the Irish thespian immediately jumped onboard the idea, declaring, “I would love that. That would be amazing. The ‘Paddington’ movies are just insanely good. Everything about them is such a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed that.”

Domhnall then decided to heap praise on his father’s performance in “Paddington 2,” declaring, “My dad is pretty convincing as an Irish Clint Eastwood type. That kind of thrilled me.”

While “Paddington 2” was released all the way back in the middle of January, “Peter Rabbit” has only just hit cinemas. Sure, it might not pack quite as emotional a wallop, but it is still whole heaps of fun, and definitely worth checking out.