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Of course Shannon Purser has an adorable Noah Centineo story

Shannon Purser and Noah Centineo

Over the last few weeks Noah Centineo has exploded in popularity thanks to the double whammy of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, both of which were released on Netflix within weeks of each other. 

Anyone who has seen either of those films has immediately become smitten with his doughy eyes and gregarious, inviting smile. If you haven’t seen the films, just give them a watch. It is impossible not to fall for his charms. 

Ahead of the release of “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” I had the chance to speak to Shannon Purser, who stars as the titular loser that joins forces with the most popular girl in high school so that they can seduce their crushes. 

I decided to quiz Purser about Centineo, and, as you’d expect, she had her own heart-warming story about the actor that just reinforced his all round beauty. 

“Noah and I just along really well from the start. It is funny because the whole world is kind of obsessed with him right now.”

“He’s really lovely. He’s exactly what you would expect him to be. Very kind and charming and easy to get along and work with.”

“For all of the scenes that we had to talk over the phone on he was on the other line. Which was so cool that we really got to film those scenes together rather than being in different rooms.”

“I think that just added to the chemistry and made everything feel authentic.”

Purser only had kinds words about her fellow “Sierra Burgess” co-star RJ Cryer, too, admitting that he is so charming that an alternate ending to the film where his character Dan and Sierra got together. 

“He is wonderful. There was actually a discussion about whether we would take it in that direction. Or if he would even just confess his feelings for her.”

“There was a scene in which RJ’s Dan came up to Sierra and had been really disappointed in how she was behaving and confessed his feelings for her. That was really fun to play with. It didn’t make the final cut.”

“We resisted the urge to go into that trope. Even though it is satisfying to see the friend get the girl, it doesn’t always happen. We just wanted that relationship to be very straightforward and have no hidden hesitation to it.”

“Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” is now available on Netflix.