Of course these cartoon doughnuts come from Sugar Factory – Metro US

Of course these cartoon doughnuts come from Sugar Factory

Rainbows, glitter and gold bacon can only mean one thing: Sugar Factory has started making doughnuts.

The over-the-top restaurant known for its leather-and-disco ball decor and being beloved by the Kardashian clan has launched an Artisanal Donuts & Coffee Bar at its Upper West Side location at 1991 Broadway.

Normally, the word “artisanal” is basically your cue to roll your eyes, but these doughnuts mean business. What Sugar Factory lacked in imagination with the name of its new cafe, it makes up for by ticking every. single. food trend of the moment.

The millennial pink Disco Tahitian Vanilla doughnut covered in pink glitter is best eaten with a fork and knife unless you’re headed to a club later. The requisite Rainbow Pride doughnut is not just layers of rainbow inside but comes topped with a glittery glaze, rainbow sprinkles and a dollop of cotton candy. There’s even a wink at the health world’s hottest trend, activated charcoal, with a black doughnut topped with bacon bits and blinged out with a gold maple bourbon glaze.

These doughnuts have so much attitude and style, they’re not just works of art — they’re practically fashion icons. More importantly though? They’re delicious.

Yes, they’re so obviously over-engineered to be Instagram-friendly that you feel guilty not posting before you eat them, but they’re also really, really good.

The doughnuts are the creation of new Sugar Factory executive chef Max Santiago, whose 24-hour brioche dough is lightly sweet and pleasantly dense, making the hefty doughnuts satisfying enough to share. Each glaze packs a crazy hit of flavor that never leans too much on sweetness.

There are nine flavors in all, including basic bitches like Boston cream, tiramisu, blueberry coffee cake and Samoa cookie, all priced between $2.50 and $3.95. Get your faves and tell the world — you owe it to these doughnuts.